The end-of-year celebrations are fast approaching, and despite the economic and health difficulties linked to COVID-19, the French are determined not to let themselves down and to spend a warm family time where good meals and shopping will be king! And all the traders on the web are wondering what they will be able to concoct in terms of marketing strategy for Christmas and December 31, days when the French spend lavishly to please their loved ones.

Thanks to Facebook IQ, in this article we invite you to research the marketing trends that are best to know before preparing your sales strategy for the holidays.

As a reminder, Facebook IQ is an entity within Facebook that is in charge of carrying out research on the 3 billion or so users of Facebook and of publishing reports, tools, studies and resources that are intended to guide and influence marketing practices in the changing world of online commerce.

Here are some insights / trends on e-commerce in 2020 distilled by Facebook to help you best prepare for the holiday season.

Boomers and Generation X Drive the Growth of Digital Commerce

Anyone can see it now: COVID-19 has changed the way we live, buy and communicate, and it’s leading people to rely more and more on Bolivia Email List technology. This remark is especially true for Generation X and Baby Boomers, whether it is when it comes to mobile use, e-commerce or messaging.

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For example, 72% of Generation X and 50% of Baby Boomers said they spent more time on their mobile phones during the COVID-19 crisis. It is also clear that the older generations have started to adopt e-commerce, in a world where globally, the proportion of purchases made online is steadily increasing.

And this trend will obviously continue for Christmas: more than 40% of people questioned said they wanted to do more online shopping in the future, at the time of the peak of the epidemic. As the health situation continues to be of concern, there is no reason that people are returning en masse to traditional shopping.

The Pandemic

So, because of the pandemic, people will try to spend as little time as possible in stores and, on the contrary, they will make full use of e-commerce, especially on mobile devices.

To adapt to new expectations, companies should consider offering a click and collect type of service : you order your purchase on the internet, and you pick it up in store. Facebook IQ even considers it a vital measure for businesses this Christmas 2020.

The Click and collect system will benefit both buyers and retailers by extending final online purchase times and making last minute shopping easier.

Facebook IQ also recommends reducing friction as much as possible through digital and physical purchasing journeys.

Friction is any grain of sand that can cause buyers to give up during the buying journey.

To enable smooth purchases, it is essential to ensure that your mobile interface is easy to use, as there are many consumption problems linked to the phenomenon of friction during mobile shopping experiences (82% of buyers surveyed have already encountered problems while shopping on mobile devices)

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