For several years now, all the budgets allocated to internet advertising have exceeded those allocated to traditional media, such as television or radio. At the same time, the success of smartphones has caused traffic to explode on the web. These have in fact become the most widely used means in the world for browsing the Internet.

It is therefore in this context that the startup Madvertise was born , which in a few years has become the leader in smartphone advertising in France and in Europe. Its core target is above all premium advertising, so it is aimed at large companies. We tell you more about this web solution in this article.

Madvertise History

It all started in France with Mobile Pakistan Email List Network Group in 2014, the company says it has started negotiations to take possession of LiquidM’s advertising network, called Madvertise Media.

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Before going any further, you should know that Mobile Network Group, founded in France in 2011, is the first mobile marketing, technology and advertising company to be listed on the stock market. Its market already extended to almost all mobile interfaces: iOS, Android, RIM, Windows mobile , etc.

Madvertise Media, for its part, was an advertising network established in the United States, Germany, London and Singapore. As the CEO of Mobile Network Group, Paul Amsellem, made it clear during an interview, the aim of this acquisition was therefore to evolve internationally. The acquisition took place in 2014 and Mobile Network Group retained the Madvertise name.

About the French Adtech Dedicated to Mobile Advertising

Madvertise therefore offers services to businesses to enable them to optimize their advertising revenue on smartphones. To achieve this goal, it offers a set of features that allow customers to get in touch with prospects who want to buy the services they offer.

Madvertise has 25 million unique visitors in France and over 60 million in Europe, making it the largest premium mobile advertising platform on the continent.

The services offered by Madvertise Boursorama
Since its takeover, the French Adtech dedicated to mobile advertising has continued to innovate in order to make the service much more efficient. Here are three of the most recent innovations that have been added to the platform.


In 2020, the company extended its Bluestack offering.

This service allows publishers to monetize their advertising content through their mobile applications. This IAB & CAAF certified solution manages more than 200 premium applications. It allows, among other things, sales management, the integration of diversified programmatic universes, a waterfall connection to more than a hundred sources of requests or a solution linked to the GDPR .

One of the proposed new features that have been integrated is the Header Bidding in app solution. Now an integral part of Madvertise’s Bluestack solution, it allows various publishers, through their mobile applications, to offer ad inventories simultaneously to their customers in France and abroad.

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