In summary, you could say that marketing technology will really reach maturity in 2022. Marketers will opt for mature tools and integrate them in a simple way to ensure that the data stays in order and thus provide better online and offline experiences for their target audience. I’m curious if you miss any trends or have additions, please report them in the comments below! *Intro source:

Plan C Bigger, more beautiful, bolder. The big catch-up seems to have started around events in the Netherlands. In this last quarter I have already received zero responses about the availability of all kinds Hungary Phone Number of locations and it has been a lot of planning with speakers and technical parties. But above all I notice: everyone is in a good mood to put down something beautiful after an eventful period.

Marketing Challenges and Opportunities

What can the event industry expect in 2022? The multitude of invitations and requests makes me very positive. Nobody knows what awaits us in the coming year. But it is inspiring to see how the many parties active in the sector continue to refine, experiment, push boundaries and bring unique products to the market. Meanwhile, 46% of the organizers have already organized a physical event in recent months and 80% are planning to do so this quarter .

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