If you want your site to appear much higher in search engine results, and people relevant to your business to land on your pages, long tail keywords are a formidable weapon.

But then, what is the long tail? What are the best ways to find long tail keywords to optimize your SEO? Here are some questions we will answer in this article.

What Is the Long Tail?

When it comes to organic SEO, there’s one thing every entrepreneur should know: it’s hard to rank effectively and cheaply on very popular keywords. This is why we advise, among other things, to bet on less competitive and Monaco Email List more precise keywords.

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Less exploited, long tail keywords (called long tail SEO in English) generate less traffic. However, at the same time they achieve a higher conversion rate. Much longer than the most searched keywords, long tail keywords are more specific and therefore more relevant words or phrases.

Whether you are rethinking your SEO optimization strategy or are in the process of building a new website, it will help you to take this into account. Opting for the long tail will give you the opportunity to better position your site on Google compared to the competition. Invented by Chris Anderson in 2004, the long tail is also one of the most used means by Internet users to do research.

Google’s Robots Offer Results to Users Based on Their Search, We Talk About Query.

If you have written an article on “cheap Nike women’s sports shoes”, it’s a safe bet that a user will come across your site if they are looking for specific information on the subject. You easily understand the interest of offering relevant content and in correspondence with the research intentions of Internet users.

This set of words in quotes is called: long tail keywords. Used on their own none of these words will generate qualified traffic, but when grouped together you will see that they offer a great conversion rate.

Long tail

Good news, there are a lot of simple and practical ways to find long tail words. Here are 10 items that we have selected for you.

Effective techniques for finding long tail words
1 – Google autocompletion
Autocompletion is also called “automatic completion”. This functionality is offered by search engines such as Google through Google Suggest and Google Instant and offers query suggestions as the Internet user enters.

Finding long tail keywords on Google is pretty straightforward. To do this, type the main keyword of your website on the Google search bar. Thanks to “fully automatic Google”, word ideas will be offered to you. Although these words are sometimes limited to 4 or 5, you can multiply your searches by typing one or more expressions. You will therefore have a good base to build your long tail and get more traffic.

2 – Google’s related searches
Another effective way to find long tail keywords is to use the searches associated with your query. This trick is simple and not insignificant to find a few. Related searches represent related searches that relate to your topic. These searches were certainly made by other Internet users on Google when you did yours.

In addition, these Google suggestions related to your topic will be found at the bottom of the results page. For example, type the keyword “robot lawn mower” on Google. The search engine will suggest several long tail keywords at the bottom of the page. We note among others: robot mower, comparative 2019, robot mower comparative 2018, robot mower stihl, etc.

3 – Keyword suggestions using the Amazon site
Having a good positioning on sites like Amazon is a real challenge for e-merchants. Ranking well on the world’s leading online shopping site is very interesting. In this context, one can use its search bar to identify key words. Just write the main keyword of your business, so you will see long tail keywords related to your products or services.

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