Think of: voice – search by voice image-based selling – in which images are becoming increasingly important AI and machine learning – enabling us to better estimate what consumers are looking for personalization – a trend for years but now also increasingly useful for companies without too much budget sitespeed – Google just cares and gives your customers a better user experience E-commerce in 2022: focus on business objectives.

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The most important thing is that you should not go crazy with all the new trends. Don’t be a product owner or e-commerce manager who changes the entire backlog priority after reading a new article or book. And then never to look at it again. Find Afghanistan Phone Number something that fits very well with your business objectives. I wish you a very nice and successful year in 2022.

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Get started with the learnings from China Before the purchase, a customer usually goes through 20 to 500 interaction moments with your brand. These are all moments to win the customer over. But it doesn’t stop there. By also investing in your customer after the purchase, you create loyalty. Personalization is important here. If you want to learn more about using personalization.

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