In the use of schedule life, we can remove all kinds of loading styles, some are a text, a simple icon, some are an animation, and even WeChat has launche a loading mini game before, so why design this process, What is the essence of loading? In fact, loading is a feedback process of the transmission interaction process, which exists in the interaction process between the user and the database.

When the user enters an instruction, sends a message, and clicks a button, it is all interaction, and the information is passe to the database, and the database gets the instruction and then feeds back the corresponding result to the user. process feedback.

This process is affected by various reasons, resulting in slower speed and reduced user experience. At this time, it is necessary to load feedback to give users feedback on the current interface information, reduce user Albania Phone Number anxiety, and allow users to see the progress bar. That’s what loading means.

Two, eight common loading strategies and design significance

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1. Start page loading

The startup page is encounter when entering all apps, and it is also the most commonly use loading strategy. When everyone clicks to enter the APP, they will encounter skippable advertisements, or the brand page of the APP itself, which is the startup page loading.

There are moving pictures and still pictures, there are business brand promotions and advertisements; the initial development of the startup page loading is because of the immaturity of the technology, in order to reuce the feeling of stuck and unsmooth when users enter the APP, and improve the user’s sense of experience . However, with the entry of the times, the core of the startup page has instead become an advertisement display, which I think is a pity and completely deviates from the original purpose.

Start page ad loading:


Start page loading:


2. Page jump loading

(1) Loading of this page: After clicking the operation button, the current page prompts that the loading process is in progress, and the next page is entered after success. It is suitable for pages that require judgment and verification processing. For example, form information judgment and login verification.

(2) Jump loading: After clicking the operation button, jump to the next page to display the native page and start loading the corresponding content. Most of the apps on the market use this loading method, and the advantage is to enhance the user’s sense of fluency in use.

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