The world’s largest professional network also has its own advertising network, with 106 million active users. It is one of the essential social networks.

Founded in 2002, the Californian social network has nothing to envy of its competitors. He is one of the first of its kind and has the distinction of focusing on the very serious world of professional relations!

A real advertising agency

Linkedin is not only a tool allowing to “boost” a publication to make it more visible to the users of the network. It offers a real advertising strategy with its Namibia Phone Number List different types of advertising and perfect integration on mobiles and all media.

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LinkedIn Advertising has a real network dedicated to setting up advertising campaigns and with its own algorithm to make your campaigns profitable and competitive.

The different types of advertising offered by Linkedin ads aimed at satisfying advertisers who, for example, wish to activate targeting options, or precise demographic data.

Linkedin conversion tracking
The explosion of remarketing format advertising prompted Linkedin in 2016 to create its own “cookie” in order to track prospects, very efficient and like Facebook’s PIXEL . It offers the possibility of representing an advertisement to more qualified prospects and likely to be interested in your products or services.

A formidable weapon when we know that this kind of advertising can achieve extraordinary conversion rates if used correctly.

Linkedin conversion tracking

How to get started with advertising on linkedin?
The creation of an advertisement on Linkedin begins by accessing the Business Linkedin Ads> Linkedin Marketing Solution website at the following address:

How to get started with advertising on linkedin?
3 choices are then offered: sponsored content, text ads, sponsored internal messaging. sponsored content, text ad, sponsored internal messaging.

Creation of an advertising account
Logged into a personal account when you click on any ad. You will need to configure your account and possibly create your business page.

Creation of a company page

Creating a business page is useful for displaying your business on the network.

It nevertheless requires having an active profile for more than 7 days and having several connections on your personal profile. It is also required to be designated as responsible for the company or to be an employee of the company. Your position must therefore appear in the experience section.

Last constraint, the e-mail address you use must be professional. That is to say, contain the domain name of your company, so Gmail type addresses will not be accepted.


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