LinkedIn is the best platform for professional networking. Indeed, with 500 million profiles registered on LinkedIn, users have the opportunity to forge business relationships with professionals from all backgrounds.

Apart from networking, the platform also makes it possible to create a professional page, with which the company can publish articles to increase its notoriety. However, to benefit from the full potential of this social network dedicated to professionals and companies, you must be very active on the platform.

Something that takes a lot of time and work. To help you speed up the acquisition of quality contacts on LinkedIn, a start-up offers a tool to automate this process. The name of this magic tool is called LinkedHelper.

In this article, we’ll explain this tool and what it can do for your business on LinkedIn.

What Is Linked Helper?

It is a LinkedIn prospecting software . Presented as an extension to Google Chrome , it automates several tasks such as, adding contacts, visiting profiles, and other Saint Kitts and Nevis Email List marketing operations.

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Why automate tasks on LinkedIn?
Today, LinkedIn is becoming increasingly popular with businesses as a channel for business development and networking. This may be because traditional channels like email marketing and cold calling are becoming less effective.

For example, with sending 1000 cold emails , you have, at most, an open rate of 15% and a response rate of 2%. You can see from these numbers that cold messaging may have been effective in the past, but it is no longer the case today.

When it comes to unsolicited calls, the situation is even worse. Indeed, for a prospect, what is worse than receiving a call from a stranger who is trying to sell you a product? It is a marketing technique that should have been abandoned years ago.

Business Development

With LinkedIn, the techniques of business development and professional networking have radically changed. Thanks to the features it offers, sales teams are turning their attention to “  social selling  ” on LinkedIn, a form of selling that is considered a warmer approach. This technique brings much better results than traditional prospecting.

Interaction with your targets
Indeed, with Linked helper, you have the possibility of interacting with your prospects, by the means of contents, messages or invitations, before offering them a product or a service. Compared to the traditional approach of coldly sending a business proposal, this technique makes you more credible in the eyes of your future customers.

However, it is not easy to gain visibility on LinkedIn even when you are very active. Adding members to your professional network increases incredibly, especially if you do it manually. Hence the need to use the LinkedHelper extension.

How does Linked Helper help you automate tasks?
Here are the features that this marketing automation tool can bring to you:

Automatic Profile Visit

To benefit from this feature, you need a premium account on LinkedIn. It allows you to automatically consult different profiles based on your previous searches or by criteria that you have defined on the tool. In addition, you can extract the information that interests you about each profile in a CSV file. In particular, information such as: skills, level of education, geographical location, etc.

Automatic addition of 2nd and 3rd level contacts:
This option helps you grow your LinkedIn network very quickly by adding your 2nd and 3rd level connections . When you start following someone, you get more views on your profile. Subsequently, you get more acceptances for your invitations.

To have good results with this feature, make sure that your top level contacts are highly relevant to your business, otherwise you will end up with a large number of contacts that will not benefit you. It is therefore important to do the basic work yourself before letting Linked Helper take over.

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