For a little over 10 years, Lengow has supported and advised e-merchants to develop the visibility and profitability of their product catalogs in Paris, France and internationally. Marketplace flow manager and expert in Feed Management, Lengow relies on a dedicated platform that allows you a global and precise management of all your e-commerce activities. We tell you more about this solution in our article.

What Is Lengow?

Founded in July 2009 by Jérémie Peiro and Mickaël Froger, Lengow aims to improve the visibility and profitability of e-commerce product catalogs by distributing them via Mexico Email List comparators, retargeting services, marketplaces or foreign marketplaces.

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Since its creation, Lengow has already won the trust of more than 4,600 brands and distributors. The company works with large groups like L’Oréal, Nespresso or Sephora, but it also targets SMEs and smaller companies or with less euros in turnover.

Lengow has a large network of local and international partners to promote your product catalog on thousands of “virtual points of sale”, in France and around the world. The company announces more than 200 million indexed products every day on its platform.

Because all sectors of activity do not have the same expectations and needs, Lengow has developed more specific expertise in order to provide a personalized solution for sectors with specific challenges: fashion, tourism, garden furniture, etc.

Lengow employs 110 people at three sites: Lengow Nantes, Lengow Paris and Munich. And Lengow Recruitment continues its search for new talent every day .

What Are Their Jobs?

Lengow is a Marketplace feed manager and Feed Management expert who supports you in your e-commerce strategy by allowing you to centralize your data, optimize traffic and control the distribution of your product catalog.

The Lengow solution allows you to manage your catalog exports from a single interface. When you want to sell your products on a new marketplace, you no longer need to return all the requested information, in the required formats, or even to understand how the different cogs work. With Lengow, all these operations are done in a few clicks. This automation frees you from tasks with no real added value so that you can focus on your sales and customer satisfaction .

To optimize your turnover, Lengow has other assets that generate added value. The flow manager facilitates the management of your strategy through multiple support by allowing you to:

Meet Your Clients

Lengow helps you make the right choices and connect with your current and future customers while putting you in control of your business. You manage the channels on which you want to appear and define the products to be published to each partner.

Manage and control key parameters
You have access to detailed data that allows you to analyze your performance in order to adjust your digital strategy. You then benefit from great agility. In real time, you can control your acquisition costs, manage your pricing and monitor your stocks.

Develop your international business
Access numerous distribution channels in more than 42 countries and enrich your product catalog thanks to dedicated applications: translation, currency management, etc. Native sales and support teams support you in your internationalization strategy.

Gain autonomy
The Lengow platform allows you to regain control over the structuring and dissemination of your product data. Lengow centralizes all the orders from the various marketplaces for you and synchronizes them with your e-commerce solution .

Why Use the Services of Lengow?

Because your e-commerce activity cannot be limited to a simple online store. Developing sales in a marketplace can seem like a snap. In theory, yes. But this is not the case in practice. It is not enough to distribute your product catalog on the chosen marketplace (s) for sales to take off or continue to progress sustainably.

Selling on these marketplaces involves a real strategy, but also:

to diversify and select the right marketing channels,
flawless logistics,
perfectly controlled inventory management,
efficient after-sales service …
– digital solutions that make it possible to manage ads, generate traffic and sales, analyze your performance in order to adjust strategy, manage marketing, enrich the catalog to offer a quality shopping experience to consumers… And all of this, easily.

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