I also deliberately included the footer of their website in the screenshot above. I have already written about the importance of a good footer , and my claims are now confirmed. Having a valuable footer helps your customer further if he has hit a dead end within your website. A thoughtful footer can make the difference between a visitor who leaves your site and a visitor who decides to give you a second chance. Also read:

What I especially like about

An SEO quick scan in less than 30 minutes? That’s how you do that 7. Moz Most Original 404 Pages – Moz The original 404 page from SEO software provider Moz revolves around Roger Mozbat. He is the mascot of the brand. By using Roger you can no longer be angry that the page Namibia Phone Number you were looking for no longer exists. I mean, just look at his cute little face! Also good: there is a search bar that hopefully can lead the lost visitor to the desired content. 8.


Stella Cycling Good 404 pages – Stella Cycling Why do I like Stella Cycling’s 404 page ? Two reasons: The copywriting (‘Oh no! The chain is off…) connects directly to their industry. They create context by listing some of the reasons why you’re seeing the 404. They provide some useful links in the hope of keeping the visitor on the website. I already said it at Coolblue and I will repeat it: your 404 page does not have to be a graphic highlight.

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