OCT makes it possible in an e-commerce environment to allocate repeat purchases. Whether or not made via the website, to a campaign result. This gives you insight into which conversion paths and campaigns yield the most valuable customers. To take the step of allocating a single transaction or conversion to what a customer is worth to your business over time, implementing offline conversion tracking is essential.

Inbound marketing

It can be implemented in different ways and levels. This varies from sending your Google Click Id (GCLID) to your CRM, to a complete export of your CRM data to a DMP or Analytics platform. You can read more about OCT in this article . 7. Novel content: inbound marketing trend 2022 Creating the usual blogs and articles is good for traffic, but Azerbaijan Phone Number not always enough to keep your audience informed. More and more contact is being sought with the target group.

Key take aways marketing trends 2022

Trend 2022

Now novel content sounds a bit like an old marketing term with a new look, and in fact it is. This mainly concerns a format in which you create. A sense of urgency for your target group (also nothing new thanks to Stories, TikTok and Snapchat). Another important aspect is that the target group gets the feeling.

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