If you are the head of a small business, you know how important social media is in the development of your brand. Indeed, these are the best tools at your disposal to develop a notoriety and a strong brand image. Instagram has been the most popular network for brands in recent years.

Indeed, this social network, based on the photo, is ideal for companies who want to start in influencer marketing. To do this, brands can choose between two marketing practices. Those of developing their Instagram account to build a large subscriber base, or to enter into partnerships with Instagram influencers. This second option is particularly effective if you want to expand your brand’s organic reach quickly. We will explain how to do it in this article.

Why Choose Instagram Influencer Marketing?

Why choose Instagram over Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or another platform? Aren’t they just as effective for influencer marketing? The answer is yes, but today none of them compare to Instagram.

With one billion monthly active users in 2020, Instagram is a great platform for brands to easily reach their target audience. Although its user base is not as large as that of Facebook, users are much more engaged and active there. Which makes it an effective way for brands to get a message across. One study even found that Vanuatu Email List Instagram has the highest interaction rate compared to other social networks.

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What is an Instagram partnership?
An Instagram partnership is a system for promoting products using an influencer. An “influencer” is a person with a large number of followers on their Instagram channel. Thanks to her notoriety, she exerts an influence on these followers. Indeed, its opinions concerning products or services are often listened to and followed by the majority of its subscribers. An influencer can be a celebrity or an ordinary person who has a very large Instagram community.

In influencer marketing, these people promote your products to these subscribers. But with Instagram influencers, the way of presenting a brand’s product has to be very subtle.

How to Make a Partnership on Instagram?

To establish Instagram partnerships, you first need to know the different types of influencers. Indeed, the success of an influencer marketing campaign depends on the relevance of the content they promote on their channel.

Depending on your brand and your market, there are different ways to distill a promotional campaign to your target audience. It is therefore important to understand which type of influencer will be the most effective for your brand. All this, taking into account both the necessary budget and the relevance of the partnership you need to establish with an influencer.

Here are the some types of influencers you can partner with:

They usually have a small community of 1,000 to 5,000 subscribers on the platform. Although they only have a small number of followers, their followers are known to be very engaged on Instagram, regardless of their niche. Often, these kinds of influencers are ordinary people, who just share a common vision and ideas with their followers. This category of influencers has grown in popularity with brands and consumers in recent years, for various reasons including:

From a brand perspective, it’s much more profitable to partner with a nano-influencer. Because of their high engagement rate and affordable prices. With them, brands have a greater ROI potential during an Instagram partnership. With nano-influencers, consumers feel their recommendations are more authentic, while partnerships established with a celebrity profile can be seen as pure advertising.

The price of a partnership with a nano-influencer rarely exceeds 70 euros

A micro-influencer has less than 100,000 followers on his profile. Often, he is recognized as an expert in a particular field or specialized on a subject of a specific niche.

Just like nano-influencers, micro-influencers offer an excellent return on investment for brands in the context of partnerships. This is mainly due to the strong relationships they build with their fans.

Unlike nano-influencers, the target audience of micro-influencers is more specific and more targeted. For example, if a micro-influencer has built their audience out of their interest in soccer shoes, most of their followers are likely to be people who play the sport.

Instagram partnerships with these types of influencers give brands the ability to easily reach their target audience. The price of a publication is between 50 to 250 euros.

They have between 100,000 to 1 million followers on Instagram. Sometimes they are celebrities, but often they are just micro-influencers who have built their fan base themselves and work full time as influencers on Instagram.

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