In the entire history of Instagram, short, but intense, there have been three logos all the same. Three, not two, as most of us might think.

Indeed, the majority of people don’t remember the very first Instagram logo, the app’s original icon: a polaroid camera floating on a white background.

Also, the elements included in the design were so detailed that it couldn’t really be called a logo. But in any case, it is the symbol that the social network and photo-sharing platform had chosen in 2010, the year of its launch.

This first logo

This first logo, therefore, represented a polaroid crossed from top to bottom of a rainbow band. Was this a way to designate and highlight the different filters offered by Instagram? It is probable, but it has never been confirmed by a reliable source. If we observe this logo more closely, we also notice other details which come to reinforce the realistic aspect of this camera: a red button and a black button, a viewfinder and also a lens surmounted by a rectangular Austria Email List flash. and bulky. And just above the red button, we can see the Instragram logo.

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By being careful, it is possible to notice the reflection of the two buttons in the lower and advanced part of the camera body. Finally, this logo is not flat.

So who is the designer who created this first drawing? Well that’s just Instagram CEO and co-founder himself, Kevin Systrom.

Kevin Systrom and Instragram, a “success story”

Kevin Systrom was born in the small town of Holliston, located in the heart of the state of Massachusetts. He joined Stanford University and earned a bachelor’s degree in management and engineering. Then, he is directly hired by Google as a marketing specialist. But this job hardly captivates him.

Always passionate about photography, the young man decided to launch in 2010 a photo sharing application, the originality of which lies in the fact that it offers filters to its users. Systrom is setting up this project together with Michel Krieger, an entrepreneur and computer engineer born in Sao Paulo. The two met at Stanford University and have always kept in touch afterwards, exchanging emails at least once a week. Krieger did most of the development work on the technical aspects of the application.

Instagram’s success takes everyone by surprise, and just two years after its debut, the app released for the free Android version is downloaded over a million times in less than a day! This insolent success does not leave the giants of Silicone Valley insensitive, and it is Facebook which takes the stake the same year, in 2012, and offers itself the platform for sharing photos for 1 billion dollars.

Currently, Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users, more than twice as many as in 2018.

Some personalities like Cristiano Ronaldo, Selena Gomez, or Dwayne Johnson have several hundred million followers!

In France, Instagram, with over 20 million users, is positioned in 3 th position of the most used applications, behind Facebook and YouTube.

And finally, an estimated 95 million photos are uploaded to the US platform every day. In terms of copyright, Instagram assures you that your photos are protected by copyright, like any other photos, but nothing prevents you from adding the mention “all rights reserved”, in order to be more reassured. .

The most famous logo of the app

Shortly after releasing the first Instragram logo we talked about above, Kevin Systrom and his team realize that it may contain too much detail for a logo, and that it needs to be simplified. It is for this reason that the same year, in 2010, the thinking heads of the famous application based in Menlo Park, California, decide to modify the first “Polaroid” logo of Instagram.

This time, however, it is not Kevin Systrom who is addressing the subject. The management of Instagram decides to leave the controls to a talent that is not from the fold. They call in a guy called Cole Rise. This young man is at the same time a photographer, a designer, and he is also among the very first fans and users of the application. Legend has it that it only took him 45 minutes to complete this project!

However, the extensive reworking and final decision making on the adoption and use of this new logo took almost 6 months for the management team. Instagram fans know that Rise also gave his name to some of the first filters used on the app, such as Mayfair, Sutro, Sierra, etc. Surprisingly, Cole Rise envisioned Instagram’s success from the start, and the logo he helped create is remembered. The San Francisco-based photographer was inspired by an old 1950s camera from the famous American brand Bell & Howell. This logo is so iconic that the majority of people think it was Instagram’s first logo.

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