Instagram announced at the end of January 2021 the launch of a new professional dashboard, which essentially consists of a platform capable of presenting several aspects of your account management, capable of providing basic information on your performance. , as well as access to relevant tools to help Instagram creators maximize and monetize their presence on the digital social network platform .

Here’s how Instagram explains the launch of this new feature: “  As part of our ongoing efforts to give creators and businesses the tools they need, we’re launching Professional Dashboard, a central platform to track your performance, access tools professionals, and explore the educational information made available by Instagram . ”

Creators and Businesses

And to continue: “  Throughout 2020, we launched a series of products to help creators and businesses achieve their goals on Instagram, such as’ badges’, ‘Instagram Shop’, ‘Checkout’ and ‘Branded Content ”. We have also started to consolidate these tools and resources into one central hub. Since its launch in November, more than 82 million accounts have visited the Business Resource Center and 37 million accounts have leveraged at least one of the items made available. We have built on this momentum with the launch of the new professional Indonesia Phone Number List dashboard and we will try to continue to improve the digital experience for Instagram users throughout 2021.  ”


The new Dashboard / Professional Dashboard offers information on three key elements:
Track Your Performance highlights trends and key data based on your account’s performance, including benchmarks based on past performance statistics. You can also access your full Insights section from here.
Grow Your Business offers quick access to a variety of tools to help you manage your account in the most efficient way possible. These tools include Badges, Branded Content, and IGTV promotions. You can also check your account’s eligibility for monetization in this part.
Stay informed provides links to the latest Instagram educational resources, which feature tips, tricks, and inspiration for all users of the social media platform.

Our verdict

To tell the truth, all of the features presented above were previously already available, in different forms. The advantage of the Professional Dashboard is to bring them all together in a more coherent and easily accessible whole.

As such, this isn’t a major addition, but it could help you stay on top of the latest updates regarding all of the features we mentioned, and make sure all of your monetization options are up to date. . This could prove to be very valuable, but in practical terms this dashboard is nothing new. It will simply make it easier to find each option.

The idea is that by making performance tracking a bit easier and keeping abreast of the latest features, Instagram can get more users to be more active and engage with the latest updates. Which can certainly be a good move and work, especially if Instagram regularly updates the “Stay informed” feature.

Instagram also plans to expand the functionality of its new platform over time.

Other Instagram news at the start of 2021

In addition to the launch of its professional dashboard, Instagram immediately announced some new features in February, such as the appearance of Live Rooms to chat live, with up to 4 friends at the same time.

Instagram Big Boss Adam Mosseri personally announced the launch of Live Rooms, a place where you can gather your friends and chat together, all at the same time.

With the latest update, you can add up to three people to your Live Room, and use filters to make the conversation even more fun.

The boss of the American social network adds that in times of a pandemic, this feature will certainly be useful, because people cannot meet all the people with whom they would like to share a moment.

Also, at the request of users, Instagram has added a “Recently Deleted Feature” to help them recover their deleted photos and videos.

This will also serve as protection against hackers who sometimes delete content when they access an account.

Here is how “Recently Deleted Feature” works:

Stories that you delete (and that are not in your archives) will stay in this folder for 24 hours.
Everything else like photos, videos, and IGTV videos will be automatically deleted after 30 days.
During those 30 days, to access your deleted content, do the following:

Go to “settings”
Go to “Account”
Click on the “Recently Deleted” folder
Restore or permanently delete posts.

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