The announcement of Instagram’s new Shopping Tags feature immediately caught the attention of everyone who uses the social network to sell their products.

E-commerce professionals and specialists have indeed found in this new feature an additional opportunity to trigger conversions for their business.

Instagram Shopping “tags”

Allow qualifying businesses to add price tags and more comprehensive descriptions to specific items from their catalogs.

It is now possible to “tag”, that is to say, identify a product on any image or photo on the Instagram social network. When a user then clicks on it, the tag allows them to be sent directly to the brand’s website or to a sales Nigerian Email Database page so that they can then purchase the identified item.

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Instagram has been looking for several months to expand its e-commerce “features” by offering specific possibilities and options dedicated to shopping. Initially reserved for the American markets, “shopping tags” are now available in several countries including France!

“We know Instagram is a great place to discover new things and share your passions. With Shopping on Instagram, this sense of discovery goes even further by presenting users with a storefront to explore new products from companies to which they are subscribed. ”

Instagram Business Blog

It is obvious that Instagram is a place of choice for entrepreneurs, influencers and users who want to sell their products; however, the social network was not intended to highlight levers dedicated to e-commerce (especially before the takeover by Facebook). For several years now and recently since the Covid-19 health crisis, consumers have turned to e-commerce for the acquisition of their products. Instagram has understood this by accelerating the development of intuitive and engaging levers.

The grip of the giant Facebook has only accelerated this commercial development of the favorite social network of the younger generations. Instagram remains cautious with the deployment of this kind of news and takes its time to ensure that it does not disrupt the user experience.

June 2020 is therefore the hour of truth for Instagram, which is advancing its pawns on large e-commerce markets such as Germany, Japan and England. Nations whose populations are proven shopping addicts.

To Take Advantage of “tags Shoppings”

You must ensure, among other things, that your company is eligible ( click here to find out the conditions), for example you must already have a professional account on the network.

If you are lucky enough to tick all the boxes and be eligible, you can request to have your account reviewed to access features.

As a result of this review, you will then receive a notification from Instagram which will allow you to enable product tagging through your app settings.

Then, no particular difficulty for “Tagging” the products, the system works as for the identifications of people.

Please note that in order to use the feature you will first need to download a product catalog through Facebook Business Manager .

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