With all the digital marketing tools out there today, from content writing and email campaigns to Google Ads and Facebook, why would you need Instagram for your business?

To answer this question, you have to look at the statistics! Instagram has over a billion monthly active users, over 60% of whom log on daily and 200 million view a business profile at least once a day. Still not convinced? Numerous research confirms that Instagram is the most effective social network for gaining followers for your business, even ahead of Facebook. Additionally, 75% of Instagram users, after seeing an advertisement on the platform, visit the company’s website and 30% end up purchasing a product once on an advertiser’s page.

In short, you will not only find fans or subscribers on the platform, but a significant number of new customers. Rather convincing, no? In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to successfully leverage Instagram for your business.

The Great Debate: Professional or Personal Account

Before you get started, you’ll need to make a choice: create an account with a professional Instagram profile or stick with a Somalia Email List personal Instagram profile?

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Businesses often confuse business and personal accounts on Instagram, so let’s clear up some details first. An Instagram business account is a dedicated Instagram page that sets you apart as a business with your followers. The fastest way to identify if a profile is professional is to look for the “call” or “email” buttons that should appear. Like on Facebook, these are two features that are only available with professional accounts.

What Are the Advantages of Having a Professional Profile?

A professional profile has advantages for Instagram business, especially in terms of the features offered, namely:

Contact button : as explained above, you have the possibility to display your phone number or your email directly. This is a practical function to be contacted by your prospects, especially since you are only allowed one link in your Instagram bio.

Ads : To be able to serve ads on Instagram, you need a business account. Individual Instagram accounts cannot serve ads on the platform. Analytics : a professional account allows you to obtain statistics on your subscribers and measure the performance of your posts.

What is the downside of a professional profile?
Many companies have complained that Instagram’s algorithm is pushing brands to advertise more and more. This means that businesses switching to a business account might see a drop in engagement, but this is all very relative.

How to Use Instagram Business for Your Business?

You are convinced that doing business through Instagram profile can be beneficial for your business, but, that does not answer the question of how to use your Instagram account for your marketing?

To do this, follow our advice:

Identify your audience
The first step in your Instagram marketing strategy is to identify the audience you want to target. When you want to do Instagram business for your business, you need to know exactly who you are reaching out to through your content.

Knowing the demographics, interests, and values ​​of your audience helps you build an effective content strategy. If you’ve already established customer profiles for your previous marketing campaigns, you can choose the same ones for Instagram. Otherwise, take the time to determine who will be your target customers.

Note that Instagram’s audience is relatively young, 25.2% of users are between 25 and 34 years old, so it is the ideal platform to address this age group.

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