Today, it has become essential for a company to have a good presence on the web in order to scale up its activities.

This is also what social networks are used for, which have multiplied in recent years. Instagram stands out as one of the best in the business.

But to be able to take advantage of it for your business, you need to know how to analyze your Instagram account using the appropriate tools. In this article, we’ll give you some info on the tools to use.

Instagram, for What Advantages?

You should know that every day, more than 500 million people are active on the Instagram network. But more importantly, that number of users exceeds one billion per month, which literally means this network is one of the most influential after Facebook. Likewise, several large companies and brands are present on Instagram. Let’s talk about influence by noting that with Portuguese Timor Email List Instagram, the ROI obtained is 11 times higher than the average of other sites.

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Also, a significant number of influencers are present on this network. For a business, it’s a great place to grow quickly. It also follows that engagement on this social network is one of the highest, in particular, thanks to the use of the hashtag. So as a business you have to build your own and organize a marketing campaign around it.

We will add that Instagram has several tools that facilitate communication, such as stories or Checkout (integrated e-commerce tool). In addition to all this, know that Instagram is basically free!

Why Analyze Your Instagram Account?

Having an Instagram account for your business is good; when you use it to highlight the services or products you offer, it’s even better. But what is more important is whether a marketing campaign really works.

If it ever doesn’t work as expected you should know why. What can you change, what leverage can you use to make things happen in your favor? It will therefore be, among other things, to analyze the metrics of your account, namely: the number of subscribers as well as the speed at which it is progressing. But during a campaign, it will also be about knowing precisely what people like and don’t like.

You will need to determine which aspects of your strategy are garnering significant engagement from Internet users in order to build on them to increase your visibility.

Indicators to Follow

The profile of your subscribers
As a business you have a specific goal, which means your target must be chosen with precision. You must therefore know it well. This is all the more important as this data will allow you to orient your campaigns according to your type of subscribers.

Web traffic
Your Instagram account is used to gain visibility. So one of the ways to find out is to check the traffic to your site that is coming from your Instagram account.

During a marketing campaign, this indicator lets you know what is causing the buzz among your followers. You will be able to choose the content of your account according to this data and your objectives. It’s a little like the principle of impressions, that is to say that the reach is measured by the number of people who have viewed your content.

The engagement rate
If this is the most important indicator on social networks, it is even more true on Instagram. It corresponds to the frequency of activity of your followers on your account. It corresponds to the likes, comments and shares of your publications.

It is this data that really makes you grow in the community. If you have 2 million followers, but only 200 comments on your last post, your engagement rate isn’t good. You will therefore need to choose relevant content that engages your community.

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