If you are focusing on your acquisition income, your two main questions should be these:

  • What causes growth?
  • Why is growth not as strong as expected?

If your acquisition has seen good growth over the past few months, you need to find the segment that is responsible for that growth, and ask yourself what special efforts this growth can relate to. You have probably attended one or more trade shows related to your industry, or done several paid search campaigns to promote a new service, which is currently selling well.

And you need to adopt the same type of analysis in the event of a drop in acquisition-related revenue: what sectors, Nigeria WhatsApp Number List products or other factors are causing this low acquisition rate?

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Segment your acquisition data by KPI, industry, and product line, then identify common traits, to find what could be causing the drop.

Income flows related to upgrades and downgrades

Regarding the monitoring of income related to upgrades and downgrades, you will ask yourself the same questions as for the acquisition and unsubscription.

You need to segment your data by KPI and product / service lines, and identify where when your customers decide to downgrade, or downgrade.

Do these events occur during subscription renewals, or some other time during the customer lifecycle? Are these events aligned with your marketing and upselling efforts?

Additionally, you’ll want to understand how version changes relate to each other.

Because upgrades and downgrades are often linked to each other. For example, we can note that a customer will opt for an “upgraded” version of your service in July, followed by a return to a more basic version a few months later. This probably means that there are things that are not working in your service or product, or it could be the result of your pricing strategy or sales incentives.


One could quite compare the monitoring of recurring income to mining work. We start roughly, with dynamite, and then we refine our research with more precise instruments like the pickaxe and the chisel. It may seem tedious at first, but once you get into the habit of monitoring your income in this way, it will be easier to identify upcoming trends, as you compile sums of data on a regular basis. 

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