I always find a small present in order. And if you really don’t know, a box of Merci or a plant (my personal favorite) is Tongliao Phone Number always good. In addition, make clear agreements about the follow-up: when can a customer expect the detail case? Image of woman writing cup of coffee and camera to illustrate customer case writing. Writing the customer Tongliao Phone Number case 11. Honesty lasts the longest Also highlight in your story the things that did not go well right away. That makes the story much more Tongliao Phone Number believable. Of course there is a difference between ‘A product was deliver too late.

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That has been neatly solved with an urgent delivery the next day’ or ‘We are still missing products and no one Tongliao Phone Number can tell us how that will be solved’. If the latter is the case, you need to connect the customer with customer service and take your marketing hands off it. 12. Variants of the text I often work out several texts and send the entire Tongliao Phone Number package to the customer. You work out the customer case, but maybe also some social media messages or a piece of text for a Tongliao Phone Number brochure. I send all of that to the customer in one go for approval. Just like the pictures and video.

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Promotion 13. Promote Together Th e customer case has been approved and both parties are satisfied. Time to start promoting the customer case. You do this of course on your own channels, but Tongliao Phone Number always send a message to the customer if it is on your website and social media channels. In addition, it is good to discuss the promotion possibilities in advance. What are you going to do and what does the customer want to do to Tongliao Phone Number promote the case? For example in the newsletter? And now: write a customer case yourself This is the sign you were looking for to Tongliao Phone Number get back to writing customer cases. Make it part of your work routine.

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