There has also been a huge development in the field of video apps that make filming and editing with a phone or tablet more convenient and faster. Over the past year, I’ve seen several apps pop up that use AI technology in a video app. The VOCHI app , for example, recognizes people, so you can use cool filters over and around people. Obviously not as perfect as a professional motion designer would do, but this does promise a lot of cool things for the future!

5. Deepfakes/face swaps

And while we’re on the subject of AI and video editing, deepfake technology is developing at lightning sped. You are probably familiar with the deepfake videos of political figures. In October, De Correspondent release a video by Prime Minister Mark Rutte : “The story that the Dutch public never hears from the real Mark Rutte, but that is desperately needd to secure the future of our country and our children”.

The deepfakes and faceswaps will probably be use even more next year in social media, memes and most likely even news and/or politics. Using faceswaps is nice for fun on Snapchat, but in serious videos it will become more difficult for many people to recognize the deepfakes. The danger is, of course, that fake news can be spread with this technology.

6. 360º Videos

Another form of video that I expect we will see more Controlling Directors Email Lists often in 2022: 360-degree content. In a time when we cannot be present everywhere, an immersive experience can add a lot. With a 360º video, the entire environment comes into view: there is no ‘in front’ or ‘behind’ the camera.

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In this way you create a virtual world, you can fly with a pilot, experience a sports competition, experience a roller coaster ride, or walk through a store in a 360-degree video. 360 degrees can add a lot, especially in certain places or experiences where a regular image section is not enough, such as roller coaster rides in the Efteling.

7. Video shorts

We are far from finishd, so we expect to see many more challenges, Reels, TikToks, Stories, and YouTube shorts in 2022. Short vertical films, often with music, movement and a great entertainment content, in which a new challenge is inventd every time.

You can make these Tiktok-style videos on Instagram (via Reels), and since this summer also on YouTube. These short videos can be made by anyone: they are simply filmed and editd on their mobile. It is my expectation that this form of video will also increase enormously in 2022.

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