This is the most widely usd and oldest way to monetize your podcast. It is certainly interesting if your podcast is about a specific topic or for a specific listener group. You often have a smaller reach, but a very useful reach for certain companies with a product or service that is close to yours and is complementary. So it feels like a logical combination to listeners.

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For example, a podcast about oral hygiene sponsord by a toothpaste brand. At the beginning of the podcast you will hear ‘This podcast is sponsore by…’. Not necessarily, such a company that matches, but that is what often happens when it comes to sponsoring. The Manmanman podcast, for example, has Miele as HR Directors Email Lists a sponsor, which is perhaps less in line with the podcast itself. Incidentally, it is not necessary to have a lot of listens per month to hook up with a sponsor. For example, the Paardenpodcast initially had a small reach (a few hundre listeners per month), but was sponsord from the start by a horse fd brand.

HR Directors Email Lists

Earning model 3: linking product or service

In your podcast you are happy to share your knowledge, experiences and inspiration about a certain topic. Listeners like to know how to use a product or learn what to do to get the same results as you.

For example, if you are an online marketing specialist and you have a podcast about social media, it is very easy to link a training about social media to it. And as an optician, you can refer to a free eye test at your store or share a discount code with listeners of your podcast. You can earn a lot of money with such links if you do it the right way.

For example, Kim Munnecom launchd an online training through her podcast last September for the first time and achieved a turnover of one ton! That’s making money with your podcast.

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