The smoothest content, both in content and appearance, isn’t always the best content. It all starts with your readers. What does your customer want to read? What is that person looking for? You can only find that out by diving into the facts. Get rid of the HiPPO (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion), just like gut feelings, and look at the data.

Curious about good examples of content marketing for inspiration? From IKEA to Fungi Perfecti, Linda Krijns shares 6 that have caught her eye lately. In addition, she also gives 3 useful tips for companies with a limited budget and/or access to special content and resources:

  • Use a tactic that others are not yet adopting
    What is the missing statistic in your industry? Do you dare to share all the knowledge in-house completely publicly?
  • Come up with something unique and apply it very consistently
    Whether it’s inhakers or a specific format that is still little used. Also dare to persevere if it does not immediately yield the intended success. Because sometimes the impact only arises when you have made and published a lot and people start to see it in its entirety.
  • Reuse content in a creative way
    For more impact with almost the same resources or because you combine offline with online. No inspiration? Then check out these 46 ideas .

Ultra fair content

Sigrid Van Iersel predicted it at the end of last year in her preview of storytelling trends : 2022 is the year of ultra-personal stories. You may have already noticed this, because you can hardly ignore it on LinkedIn.

Speaking language, idiosyncratic character traits and VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists personal dilemmas of professionals: everything is shared on the socials. On LinkedIn, it is mainly the personal goals that have been achieved, new challenges that we take on or the sharing of sadness and frustrations. Sharing success and failure strengthens the bond with your followers (to a certain extent).

Chief and VP of Purchasing Email Lists

This also applies to storytelling. Good storytelling is about successes and setbacks . Feeding your customers only with success stories can come across as unbelievable and impersonal. Not everything can go well. And it is also good to share how you did not give in to a setback, but how you solved this ‘problem’ again.

Just think of a good friendship. You don’t just share your success stories with each other, do you? Especially when a good friend asks ‘how are you?’, it is nice to also tell us what is not going so well. That strengthens the bond.

One more time:

  • Content marketing is complex
  • Create less content
  • Great examples of content marketing
  • Go for less and ugly
  • 46 ideas to reuse your content
  • Storytelling trends
  • Share successes and setbacks

Language tips for content creators

A misunderstanding about copywriters? ‘A copywriter writes flawless Dutch.’ According to Nicol Tadema , this is simply not true, for 2 reasons:

  1. Many copywriters are deliberately incompetent when it comes to following writing rules. And so copywriters occasionally make deliberate spelling mistakes. Or do they start a sentence with ‘and’, ‘because’ or ‘because’. Sometimes that just benefits the conversion. In the field of copywriting, therefore, anything is possible.
  2. A rock-solid copywriter can do magic with words. So an average copywriter easily spoons up all kinds of spells. Language rules? The copywriter often does not know this through and through. Let alone being a language purist. And you don’t have to. As long as he knows a very good proofreader who checks the created copy so that every text goes to the client without errors.

Now I would like to add to these tips from Nicol Tadema myself that it is not grammatically wrong to start a sentence with and, because, but or because. This is a matter of taste and a trade-off that you make with a view to the flow of your piece. Is it a business item? Then it is advisable not to start a sentence with one of these words. This appears more informal to the reader.

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