Let’s face it, without proper email subject line best practices, running a successful email marketing campaign can and will prove to be a daunting task. Or even worse, mark it as spam. Salesforce reports that based on the subject line alone , as many as 64% of email recipients decide to open an email, while 69% are marked as spam. In short, your subject line can make or break your campaign. This is very important.

These Eight Hacks May Seem

These eight hacks may seem simple but can have a huge impact on your campaigns, so don’t take them for granted. Hack #1: Keep it simple, short and straight to the Azerbaijan Phone Number point Given the sheer volume of emails people receive every day, it’s easy to get your messages lost in their inboxes and never opened. This is why you should try to keep your topic short and to the point. Don’t complicate it by trying to write something overly clever. Your goal is to open the email, not impress your subscribe.

The Optimal Length For


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The optimal length for an email subject line is 65 characters. Subject lines between 60 and 70 characters in length tend to get higher open rates. Email Subject Line Best Practices Brevity is the name of the game for email subject line best practices. So delete unnecessary words and see if you can talk less. For example, you might want to remove the word “newsletter” from the subject line if you’re sending out a regular newsletter at the same time of the week and the same day of the week. Thinking out-of-the-box leads directly to the best results. Tip 2 : Create a real sense of urgency How to forget the importance of urgency when discussing email subject line best practices? Makes it easier for people to open your emails when they feel a certain sense of urgency. Your subject line needs to send a “message” to the recipient, leaving little time to waste. However,

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