Your business is facing a pandemic that is crippling much of the economy. International health organizations are making many recommendations to prevent the spread of Covid-19 during this difficult time.

In the economic aspect, marketing has a prominent place to continue its activities and take advantage of the situation. In this article, you will discover reliable marketing recommendations to know how to use SEO optimization strategies. SEO and digital marketing levers.

Take a Step Back and Optimize

During this period, we observed two types of behavior, the first concerning companies which cut off all marketing activity until further notice. The impossibility of continuing its activity may lead to wanting to cut all of its marketing efforts. We consider this behavior to be counterproductive French Guiana Email List and impulsive and will prove to be negative in the long run.

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Let’s make a quick parallel with the stock market, some investors sell their shares en masse for fear of further devaluation and in the absence of a positive outlook. They therefore sell at a low price with a significant loss. The automatic sale of securities can even be done automatically with systems called STOP LOSS.

A stop-loss order is placed with a broker to buy or sell once the stock has reached a certain price.

Companies that deem the situation to be a long-term disaster for the business cut all sources of expenditure by limiting breakage. This is the end of the game for these companies and may be a future bankruptcy. The second behavior is more positive and consists of seeking to exploit the marketing levers to deal with Covid-19 thanks to digital. At Junto, we consider that the best strategy to adopt is to strengthen its positions on digital levers to, at worst compensate for its loss and at best exploit this situation to develop its turnover.

Make the Right Strategic Choices

The immense benefit that you can derive from digital marketing is its ability to be modeled immediately.

Let’s compare for a minute with classic marketing. If your company has invested in a poster campaign in the Paris metro, what is happening right now when people are in lockdown? Your campaign is broadcast and no one walks past.

While it is logical to reduce for the moment certain paid advertisements that you could have set up for example when your company can no longer work (restaurant, cinema, auditorium), it is difficult to conceive of stopping campaigns in sectors like e-commerce . Even if your activities are at a standstill, isn’t this the time to set up a notoriety campaign to promote your business and start afresh when it picks up? Your competitors may no longer broadcast and this is a good way to reduce the cost of your campaigns.

Surely now is the time to stay the course and tackle all those potentially important SEO and marketing tasks that you’ve been on hiatus.

Actions to Implement

1 – Organize teleworking
Slack , zoom, skype should be the tools you use every day in your business at the moment. Teleworking offers you the opportunity to continue your activities by exchanging with your employees on the various tasks that you entrust to them.

2 – Control inbound links for SEO
Recent changes to Google’s penguin algorithm verify the relevance of inbound links. Sites that receive penalties from Google are downgraded from search results. When your site is no longer indexed on Google, the traffic it receives decreases significantly. Take advantage of the coronavirus period to monitor your unnatural links pointing to your website. Unnatural links can happen in different ways, and not all are intentional.

An unscrupulous SEO here, a shady competitor there and suddenly you just don’t understand why your SEO efforts aren’t paying off. To identify these harmful links, several tools are available such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, Majestic, which provide access to an exhaustive list of links that point to your site.

3 – Optimize the pages of your website in a more complete way
If you know your site isn’t perfect, spend some time optimizing it comprehensively. We know that optimization operations are time consuming, use this particular period to control each technical point like Metas tags, your site structure, descriptions, user experience.

Beneficial for natural referencing optimization, a technically reliable website offering a rewarding experience to its users will be put forward by Google.

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