The success of a business depends in large part on its financial management. Managing a company’s finances is a daunting task. Between the management of supplier invoices, the VAT declaration, payroll management, cost accounting or taxes, as a startup you will not be at the end of your sentences. Fortunately, QuickBooks exists to help entrepreneurs manage these tasks. We tell you more in this article.

What Is Quick Books?

QuickBooks intuit is accounting software for small businesses. It is designed for the management of quotes, invoices, income, expenses, VAT, taxes and anything related to the management or activity of a company. You can also use it for managing Myanmar Email List customer or supplier invoices, generating cost accounting reports and even paying your taxes.

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The QuickBooks product line includes several solutions that perfectly match the needs of the individual entrepreneur to the multinational. It is therefore important that you choose the right one. Before you commit, take a free 30-day trial. During the trial period, you can use a fully functional version of QuickBooks and test all features. In addition, no credit card is required when registering.

How to Use Quick Books for Your Business?

Businesses use QuickBooks as a management solution for supplier invoicing and for tracking their cash flow in their business. They also use it to produce end-of-month and end-of-year analytical accounting reports. In addition, this software is useful for companies for the management of VAT and other operating taxes.

Revenue management
You can manage revenue in QuickBooks by creating invoices to track sales by customer. In addition, thanks to this solution, you can know in real time the exact amounts that your customers owe you (also called accounts receivable balances).

Manage Invoices and Expenses

The software automatically keeps track of your bills and expenses when you connect your bank accounts and credit card to your user account. So all your expenses are downloaded and categorized. If you need to keep track of one or more cash, check, or transactions made from your bank accounts, you can save them directly to QuickBooks in just a few minutes.

Also, in the management part, it is possible to create a quote and turn it into an invoice when prospects engage.

In addition, this version allows you to pay your supplier invoices at any time when they are due. For example, you can make sure you are paying your vendors on time by creating an accounts payable report. This report provides you with real-time details of a pending invoice or if you are late so you can be sure to pay it quickly.

Vat Management

VAT can quickly become a nightmare for a business. QuickBooks software can take care of this task for you. Indeed, your VAT declarations and registrations are carried out automatically by QuickBooks and this in strict compliance with all the necessary rules.

Also, with the automation of VAT management, you can get your tax situation in real time, so you always know what you owe the tax authorities or, conversely, the money they owe you.

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