With more than 500 million members, Linkedin is a professional social network and a great recruiting tool that allows you to build your brand image, publish job offers and create a network of passive candidates.

Linkedin offers a multitude of services and information that will help you recruit the best candidates. We’ll include some tips from experienced recruiters working for companies of all sizes at the end of the article. Here’s how to use Linkedin to recruit the best candidates for your business, starting with creating your business page.

Create and Update Your Company Page on Linkedin

Your company page is the virtual showcase for potential candidates. This is where your vacancies are located and where candidates get their first impression of your business. It is therefore necessary to present yourself in your best light. Describe your products, your mission and your values, as well as everything that sets you apart from other employers (benefits, HR policy, etc.). This page does not replace your website, so you will need to place a Malawi Email List link to your site so that people get a better idea of ​​your business, plus they can contact you by email.

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Ideally, you should also regularly post relevant and engaging content for applicants and clients, such as blog posts, videos, and photos. Regularly, do not mean every day, but at least twice a week. This allows you to make your business appear more regularly in the search results of people looking for work in your field. This way, you will attract subscribers to your page. These people who follow you have an 81% more chance of opening an InMail from you. Your followers will see your LinkedIn job ads easily, as they will appear on their news feed.

Preselect and Verify Candidates

Linkedin is useful for providing a more complete representation of people’s capabilities, as opposed to a simple CV or job application. Linkedin can also be used to select and verify the abilities, credentials and skills of applicants before contacting them. You can consult in Linkedin the references, recommendations, training, previous professional experience and areas of interest of a candidate.

You can also refer to a contact that you have in common with the candidate to obtain additional information.

Catch the Attention of Candidates with Inmail and Your Job Offers (sponsored or Not)

LinkedIn gives you the ability to reach candidates in three different ways.

1 – InMail linkedin
These internal LinkedIn emails are perfect if you’ve already shortlisted a group of candidates and want to contact them directly. Most of these candidates are passive, so you will need to prepare a very good quality email to get their attention. Good candidates get a lot of emails, you will make a difference by having something more that other companies don’t have.

2 – Classic linkedin job offers
These job offers can be found on your company page and on the different groups where you will have posted them. It will be necessary to choose the most relevant groups so that the best candidates can find them. You can also post a classic paid ad.

3— Sponsored LinkedIn job offers
LinkedIn has developed an auction system that will allow you to position your job vacancies so that they are visible to all potential candidates (in the “vacancies that may interest you” section). According to LinkedIn, applicants are 3 times more likely to apply for a sponsored job posting.

Join Groups and Post Updates on Your Page

Posting updates on your LinkedIn Company Page draws your network’s attention to you for free. It’s a great way to maintain a connection with your community, and to get new subscribers.

LinkedIn groups are also a great way to market yourself to potential candidates. However, most groups prevent recruiters from continuously posting job offers. Make sure you actively participate in the groups you want to post jobs to. Joining groups is also a good way to generate interest from passive candidates in your organization and establish a presence on LinkedIn.

Use Your Employee Network

LinkedIn is above all a social network. If your personal network is not sufficient, you can play the network of your employees. Just ask your employees to create a LinkedIn account and check out their networks. LinkedIn also allows employers to easily trace connections between candidates and employees and use employee contacts to find candidates. In addition, your employees can also share updates to your page as well as job offers that you post. Your visibility will be increased tenfold even more if people looking for a job can access your site by visiting your employees’ profiles.

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