Google Ads , formerly known as Google Adwords, is a service offered by Google to help businesses create search engine advertising campaigns. Paid search (SEA) allows ads to appear in the first results of search pages by buying keywords at auction. This complex marketing lever requires real Google ads training in order to understand how it works. To train you easily, we will see what means are available to you.

How Google ADS works

Based on an auction system, Google ads uses two networks to display its ads: the search network and the display network. With the search network, people search Google by typing in a keyword and get a list of results, including sponsored links. If they click on your ad, they land on your website.

You should maintain a keyword bidding strategy in order to display your sponsored links as high as possible on the results page. The place of your ad depends on your bid. You have to pay for each click recorded. In addition, the display Suriname Email List network is the set of advertising places on the Google network where you can display your sponsored links.

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A Google ads account is made up of the campaign, ad groups, ads, and keywords. To create an Ads campaign, you must first define the keywords. You must then write your ad which consists of a title, two lines of description and the url to display. Finally, you have to define a maximum budget to spend per day and the price to pay for each click.

To enrich your ad, you can add ad extensions and thus increase your click-through rate. They can take the form of an address, a telephone number, an additional link or a notice or additional information. Targeting can be geographic or by language. There are several bidding strategies depending on your goal. You need to decide whether you want to prioritize clicks , impressions , conversions, or views.

Among the tools available to create more specific campaigns, there is remarketing. It allows you to re-engage the interest of people who have already visited your website. In addition, Google Ads has its remarketing network, Google Adsense .

Why Train on Google ADS

Paid referencing is essential to any digital strategy. However, managing an Ads campaign is complex. It is only an effective communication channel if you know how to use it correctly. It is therefore important to take training courses on this subject. Learning how to use Google ads and how to optimize your Ads campaigns will allow you to attract new customers and increase your website traffic.

The mismanagement of an Ads campaign can be very expensive. Understanding how these tools work in order to better master them is essential. Taking Google ads training will give you the keys to learning how to create profitable campaigns and ad groups. Knowing how to choose the right keywords and write your ads well according to Google’s criteria cannot be improvised.

Indeed, there are many rules to know. You also have to manage auction budgets and set up targeted campaigns. You also need to learn how to monitor the right metrics to measure how well your campaigns are performing. To be able to create, monitor and optimize Google Ads campaigns, it is therefore necessary to train.

Taking training will also allow you to understand how to use the advanced tools of Google Ads. Indeed, they allow multiple possibilities to go further in your strategy. During a training course, you will learn how to use the available solutions such as ad extensions or remarketing.

The Google Ads Training Program

To prove your expertise, Google offers you to pass the Google Ads certification. Issued by Google, it is an accreditation that recognizes you as a paid SEO professional. The Google Ads certification is valid for 1 year, it must be re-passed every year.

To pass this exam, you are going to need to review using various resources, which are made available by Google. This certification, recognized worldwide, will therefore allow you to deepen your knowledge on the subject in order to be able to manage your campaigns independently. However, the preparation of this certification requires a significant investment of time. Indeed, you have to take the time to assimilate the many key concepts of the program.

Completely free, the exam takes the form of two minimum multiple choice questions of more than 100 questions. You can specialize in four areas: Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Video Advertising, and Shopping Ads. You must achieve a score of at least 80% on the Google ads certification evaluation google. You have 75 minutes. If you fail the assessment, you can retake it the next day.

Google ads training on Skillshop

The Google Skillshop platform, Google’s training program, is the most relevant solution to prepare for certification. Google has put together their own training designed by Google experts to help you understand how to run Google Ads campaigns, at your own pace. This training allows you to develop your knowledge and expertise. You must create your account on the site to be able to access the training paths and the certification assessments.

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