Many companies limit their potential by not having a LinkedIn Company Page.

Company Pages on LinkedIn have a number of advantages over a traditional personal profile. These company pages help users learn about your brand and job listings. In addition, the pro pages make it easy to find information about your business.

LinkedIn is a very popular professional social network, while Facebook is conducive for sharing content and creating a community around a page, LinkedIn is a more suitable space for professional interactions such as finding jobs, internships , professional perspectives and networking with colleagues. It is also on this network that you will be able to meet the leaders of your sector of activity.

This article explains how to build your presence on the Linkedin social network.

How to Create a Linked in Company Page?

Before you begin, make sure that you have all the materials you need to create a page for your company that accurately represents your brand. This includes basic brand information, as well as branding guidelines, a cover photo of the Zimbabwe Email List brand, and any other content you want to include. Once you have all the marketing materials prepared, you are ready to create your page.

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Here are the steps you need to follow:
On the home page, select “Products”, then click “Create a company page”.
Create a Linkedin page
Go to your LinkedIn home page and find the “Product” icon that looks like a small grid at the top right of your screen. By clicking on this icon, you will see a new menu with items such as “Talent Solutions”, “Sales Solutions”, and “Post a Job Offer”. Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Create a Linkedin Company Page”.

Choose the type of page you want to create
In this section, you are asked to choose the type of Linkedin business page you want to create. Choose between small business, medium or large business, presentation page or educational institution. Chances are, your business falls under one of the first two options.

Choose a Page Type

Enter your business information
On this page you will fill in all the basic information about your business including name, industry, size and website, products and services you offer. Adding a logo and tagline is optional during this part of the process.

You should also choose the URL that you want visitors to search for in order to find your business on LinkedIn. This is also how LinkedIn will reference you as a professional LinkedIn profile in relation to an individual, that is to say a personal space. Each business URL must have the same format as the following: name.

If your first choice of URL is made, try another variation of the same concept. A URL is like a mailing address for the Internet, and unfortunately no two addresses are the same.

Here are the guidelines LinkedIn requires for your company page URL. If you don’t follow these guidelines, your URL will not be trusted:

It Must Contain at Least One Non-Numeric Character.

It can be a lowercase alphabet, a number, a hyphen or even a Chinese, Japanese or Korean Unicode code (CJK). Must not contain more than one consecutive hyphen (i.e. the name of the company) and cannot have a hyphen at the beginning or at the end. Any incorrect character will automatically be replaced by a hyphen. Check your information and click on “Create a page”. Once you’ve chosen the perfect URL, check the box to verify that you have the right to create this page. You cannot create your Linkedin business page without checking this box. Once you have done all of the above, select “Create Page”. From there, you can start modifying your profile to perfection. You will be taken to the next page, which will walk you through the process for as long or as fast as you want.

Once all these steps have been taken, congratulations! Your business is officially on LinkedIn, one of the world’s most widely used professional social networks.

How to optimize your LinkedIn business page?

Now that your Business Page is live, you want to make sure that it reflects your business and represents it in the best possible way. Here are some additional tips to apply to make your page:

Add profile photo and cover image

One of the first things to do on your to-do list is upload a profile photo and a banner image to your profile. Your profile will appear complete and your business will appear to be better able to showcase its strengths.

For your profile picture, just take a photo of your company logo and make sure it matches LinkedIn’s image specifications. The recommended size for logo images is 300 x 300 pixels . You can choose any image as the banner image. Many brands choose to change their banner images periodically to promote ongoing marketing campaigns. LinkedIn recommends that all cover photos be displayed at 1536 x 768 pixels.

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