Start-ups are not companies like any other and have specificities that you must be aware of when embarking on the path of hiring. Often young, guided by double-digit growth synonymous with change and adjustment, their main source of wealth is their employees.

Surrounding yourself with brilliant, efficient, creative and dynamic employees is vital. We can therefore imagine the importance of recruitment for the team of a start-up and its challenges. Casting errors can be very costly and fatal for these small, often economically fragile businesses. It is for this reason that we advise you to approach the different phases of recruitment with a lot of seriousness and method, although the decision-making process for hiring is generally in a young shoot shorter than that of a company. classic.

The Peculiarities of Start-Up Recruitment

Most young start-ups of modest size generally do not have a human resources department, or even a single employee dedicated to this function. It is therefore necessary that the employees, the founders, the CEO, and the managers ensure the recruitment themselves. It is for this reason that it is strongly advised to define an effective Luxembourg Email Addresses preselection strategy, which may include in particular the use of skills and personality tests and the preparation of recruitment support tools.

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The use of a certain number of tools promoting optimal recruitment is essential for the success of your action.

Before writing your ad for a specific job, don’t forget to think carefully about the level of skill you are looking for. For example, a CEO- type executive position requires in-depth experience of leading a start-up, even tangible results, while the role of director relates more to functional expertise, the person must be expert in a field of activities such as marketing or engineering.

Your job description ads should be clear and concise, preferably. Avoid generalities like “Motivated person search” etc., and focus on the candidate’s experience and successes.

Is There a Particular Candidate Profile in The Field of Start-Ups?

Many recruitment specialists say that the basic qualities required such as motivation, dynamism, the desire to work in a team, for example, are the same in start-ups and in other companies. However, we must note some differences compared to traditional companies: in the context of a start-up, the candidate must believe in the project and register 100%. In addition, in a context and a fluctuating environment, its ability to adapt quickly and act quickly will be essential. In the digital sector, you also need to have a strong character and nerves, given the sometimes fragile and uncertain prospects of certain projects.

The First Stages of Recruitment

A step that must be kept in mind well upstream of recruitment is “sourcing”, or in French, the search and proactive identification of candidates. This consists of being present and visible on interfaces specializing in recruitment, such as professional social networks ( Linkedin ), job vacancies websites, the website of your start-up, but also recruitment working in the digital world. The main thing is to display your image in a positive and attractive way in order to attract the best talents who can help you grow. This aspect of recruiting is essential, because potential employees are not going to come to you, unless they are called Google or Facebook.. The important thing is therefore to make yourself known by all means. Don’t neglect word of mouth and networking.

Then, once you have received dozens of CVs, only select candidates who strictly match the profile sought. Then there are several possible strategies: such as placing a call to candidates and calling them for an interview. Call in priority candidates whose profile seems to meet your expectations. The first solution seems to win the votes of the majority of start-up managers because it really allows for a first selection and therefore to avoid wasting time with unserious candidates. When calling the candidate on the phone, be sure to quickly verify the candidate’s experience as described on their CV, and then ensure that the proposed salary is what the candidate expected.

For professions requiring technical knowledge or a certain know-how, such as a programmer or writer, for example, it is possible and even recommended to have candidates pass an aptitude test, in order to gauge their level of motivation and of course their level of motivation. real degree of competence.

It also involves doing a third wave of sorting, after reviewing the CV and making the phone call.

The Job Interview

Before moving on to the actual interview, be sure to prepare comparison tools such as an interview grid and an analysis dashboard. These are reassuring elements, particularly with regard to the objectivity of the people conducting the interview. In addition, prefer to conduct the interview with two or even three people. Several reviews generally leave less chance for error in the impression made by the candidate.

The objective during the job interview is to get to know the applicant and to see if he has a personality that will allow him to establish himself within your start-up. To do this, try to initiate the discussion in an equal relationship so that the applicant can feel confident and reveal himself a little. Be sure to understand the personality of each candidate to know if he or she can integrate without problem within the start-up. In this sense, interpersonal skills and attitude are almost as important as the know-how and skills demonstrated by the applicant. On the other hand, don’t get caught up in a flirtatious speech and build your trust carefully and not too quickly.

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