Over the past few years, many companies have started to recognize the importance of owning some or even all of their marketing capabilities in-house. However, implementing this process is not easy, and can be fraught with pitfalls. With the almost permanent contribution of new marketing techniques and methods, in addition to the pressure inherent in this service where results matter more than anything within the company, it is easy to understand why the recruitment of a team of internal marketing can be a real challenge.

But before you start building your internal marketing team, it’s a good idea to weigh the pros and cons, and get an overview of the pros and cons of hiring a full marketing team in your office.

The advantages and disadvantages of having an “in-house” marketing team

Let’s start with the advantages:

First of all, it is undeniable that recruiting your own marketing team will give you much more agility in your marketing action. Without the need to coordinate between multiple marketing agencies or dispersed staff, tracking your marketing efforts just got easier. The internal marketing teams that you are going to constitute will have a free hand and all the latitude required to implement the methodology chosen by your Peru WhatsApp Number List company, and to take care of all aspects of your brand with a related budget, which means that a possible pivotal strategy becomes much easier.

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It should also be noted that an internal marketing team will undoubtedly give you better control in terms of creativity and brand image. Because when you hire an in-house marketing team, they live and breathe for and through your brand all day. This is exactly why your team will have a better understanding of your creative and branding process. However, getting an outside perspective on your creativity and marketing from time to time can also be a great way to generate new ideas.

Finally, having your own marketing team on hand is going to save you money, and that’s one of the benefits that really tips the scales for this option. Because you will be able to control how and where your money is spent. Sometimes marketing agencies or external stakeholders may charge higher prices for their services than what your internal team is going to cost you in salary, plus every new campaign and task outside of the scope and goals noted in. the contract will increase your costs. When you have an in-house marketing team, you can give them almost any task you want without having to think about spending an extra dime.

Now here are the drawbacks:

Building a talented and successful marketing team takes time. The recruiting process for all the important positions on your marketing team, from the department manager to the SEO manager, will inevitably take time and require a lot of resources. Selecting the right candidates, interviewing them, hiring them and onboarding them doesn’t happen in a few days. It may take several months. Also consider that an additional number of employees means more administrative work for your company in terms of managing salaries, holidays, etc.

The other big black spot in building your own marketing team is in the area of ​​skills. No matter how hard you try to build a perfect team, you are bound to find yourself at one point or another with people who lack skills in certain areas. If these skills become necessary for your business at some point, you will need to hire a specialist or hire an agency.

Finally, when a key element of your marketing team leaves your company, and it can happen at any time, your marketing efforts and strategy can be jeopardized, until you find the right replacement.

This can also happen with agencies, but it is much rarer, and it does not have the same scope, because the agencies always have in theory someone ready to take over your project, it makes besides often part of their commitments.

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