The organization and the good management of the mail service within a company are elements which sometimes tend to be neglected. However, paper is still a major medium in communication between companies, administration and individuals. Efficient processing of the inbound and outbound mail service of your company can, as we will see, make a big difference in productivity. Here are some cases and suggestions that could improve your mail management.

Classic Mail Management in Business

The first step is to form a group of employees who can be counted on, as mail management is a sensitive area within the company. Important registered letters with confidential content are constantly coming and going. Certain financial or legal information should be handled by discreet and loyal staff. These employees are required to follow the Lithuania Email List instructions to the letter: some letters must therefore not be opened, others if, it all depends on who they are intended for.

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In general, the volume of mail depends on the size of the company, but also on the number of partners with whom it is in contact or with whom it collaborates.

How are mail, parcels, faxes, letters and emails that arrive at the company handled?
Here is a classic mail handling procedure called incoming mail:

There are 3 distinct areas which become entangled in this management in order to form a coherent and productive assembly: the stages of mail processing, the flow processes between the different departments and then, lastly, the human being.

Among the different phases or stages that are generally acclaimed by companies, it is necessary to differentiate the tasks carried out by a secretary, which make up the initial part of mail management: arrival and reception in the company, opening and registration of mail and finally sorting and transmission of postal documents to the recipient.

The Second Part Is the Responsibility of The Recipient Who Will Process His Mail, Before Classifying It.

Material must of course assist the work of the secretary, who has at least a register in which are noted various information such as the name of the sender, the subject of the letter, and the name of the addressee. A registration number is assigned to each letter. For businesses that receive a large volume of mail, it is tempting and profitable to acquire a mail opening machine. The basic models have the capacity to unseal more than 500 envelopes per hour, which is already considerable and certainly sufficient for an SME.

Consider Electronic Management of Corporate Mail Flows

Currently, a majority of entrepreneurs and business leaders consider the processing of their documentary process, which includes mail, emails, phone calls, etc. could be improved a lot. The appearance of a mail management system in electronic format contributes to this change by making it possible to easily trace incoming documents, by facilitating the management of circulating flows, and by automating validation procedures.

All these elements combined represent an obvious productivity gain, especially for companies that handle high volumes of documents and mail.

The principle behind the electronic management of mail flows is their dematerialization, that is to say their conversion into electronic format .

The advantage of this system, it is first of all a complete follow-up of the postal documents, from the reception until the sending of a response, the assurance of not losing a single letter, and of being more responsive to your customers’ requirements.

The first step in this innovative mail management is the collection of all flows entering the company, whether postal or electronic. Multichannel solutions exist and make it possible to capture all incoming documents and manage them in a single location. This centralization is the guarantee of a perfect organization of all the documents that arrive in your company, whether tangible or intangible. All of this is achieved through sophisticated text recognition and digital scanning input.

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