As a business actor in starting an online business, of course you need a place to market the products or services you sell to the right consumers. You must also be wondering how to do business online on Facebook. And surely you have thought about using an online platform, namely Facebook, to be your marketing platform. The following is an online business method on Facebook that will certainly bring success.

Identify Your Target Denmark WhatsApp Number List

Out the target of the product or service you offer is one of the important things that need to be considered as a business actor. You can start by determining their age, location, occupation, and why the Denmark WhatsApp Number List product or service you offer is good for them. This approach is an approach through demographics and is an effective way of doing online business on Facebook

You can use Audience Insights , a service that offers you to find information about gender, education, relationship status, location, language, Facebook usage, and even past purchases.

2. Create Your Business Facebook Start Page
The next step is to start creating a start page for your business, creating this business page is easy and definitely free.

Start by registering a business page on , then choose the type of business available that suits your business, this includes the local business or place of your business, the brand or products you offer, and the purpose or community of your business. Then do the steps that exist when registering. And your business is finally registered and you can start further exploration to grow your business.

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3. Sell Your Products Directly on Facebook
You can start selling products from your business by starting to link to purchase links from your products. It is enough to add the shop to the Facebook page. Furthermore, customers can buy the products you sell directly. By pressing the “Shopping” tab button on your Facebook page. By doing those settings, you can use Commerce Manager on Facebook and Instagram and even Marketplace for some products.

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