These points reflect the times when a customer discovers your brand, researches it, decides which product. They want, and buys. There are leads at every stage of the funnel, and each can be nurtured in a unique. Way. Throughout this article, you’ll learn more about the sales funnel and what customers need at every. Stage. Did you know that we have a new 5-hour course designed to help sales professionals learn how to. Sell successfully online? Attention/awareness attention awareness think about this portion of the funnel as. A kind of, “hi, nice to meet you.” it’s the earliest part of a consumer’s sale journey when they’ve stumbled. Upon your brand and want to know more. The best way to engage leads at this stage is by building your. Brand and showing consumers who you are. You can do this through the following: social media marketing. Social media has become.

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Versus 26% for those using alternative marketing methods. The same report quoted a conversion rate of. 46% for businesses using social media Turkey Phone Number versus 31% for those that are not. If you’re not already on social. Media, this is the time to sign up for factbook or twitter and reap the benefits. Social media was made for. Sharing, and sharing your brand is what consumers need at this stage. Search engine optimization where. Your website appears in search engine results shows how noticeable it is to new customers. HubSpot. Reports that most internet users don’t even look past the first page. If it’s not in the budget to interview an. Seo management company, there are ways to begin on your own. Creating a schedule for content. Publishing so that google recognizes your website activity is a good place to start. To really flourish, make. Posts that are 1,000 words or more.

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Paid ads paid advertising is helpful at the awareness stage of the funnel because not all consumers will find. Your site on their own. Sponsored advertising on google and YouTube will get the attention of internet. Not to mention, Users and introduce them to your brand. Not to mention, YouTube presence some marketers lump YouTube in with all social. Media, but it’s proven to be a powerful force on its own. YouTube is considered the most prominent. Video streaming website with a self-proclaimed 1-billion plus subscribers. Developing a youtube presence. Helps with seo, brand awareness, and best of all, it’s free to use. Not to mention, Interest research interest.

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