The period we are going through is a source of great questioning as to the need to set up marketing campaigns. Many entrepreneurs wonder if they shouldn’t pause their activities to limit the breakage. Others invest more heavily by taking advantage of the fact that consumers are all on the internet. If you are in the second category and want more information on how to market during the Covid-19 pandemic, this article should be of interest to you.

An unprecedented situation
Never in modern history has such a situation occurred. Most countries are putting in place containment and protection measures to limit the spread of the virus in their territories. From closing borders to closing physical stores and non-essential businesses, today’s entrepreneur faces many challenges.

However, this crisis has revealed to companies the need to build a real presence on the web in order to continue working during this pandemic. Communication networks are put to the test while the entire population is at home, there have never been so many people on the internet whether on their smartphones, computers or connected tablets.

But then, in this context conducive to digital opportunities, how to do marketing during this period?

The Levers that Resist the Corona Virus

During this period of health crisis, there are marketing tools that resist and allow companies to continue working. Here are 5 levers that you can continue to exploit during the covid-19 pandemic:

Facebook ADS
The most popular social network in the world has never been so used during this crisis, in normal times it is 1.5 billion active users per day, it is still too early to estimate the impact of containment on the network utilization rate, but one can Cocos Islands Keeling Email List easily imagine several million more users.


Facebook ADS is the advertising network of the social network, by broadcasting ads on this network you strongly promote your business as part of an awareness campaign, consideration, conversion. To put it simply, it is possible to strengthen your brand’s notoriety during covid-19 by disseminating engaging messages to targets that are relevant to your business. Even more, you can also increase the number of downloads of your mobile application like with campaign goals like: installing apps. Potential customers who stay at home will have time to try out your app on their smartphones.

Google Ads

The other lever that works during the covid-19 health crisis is obviously “  Google ADS  ”. Already in March, the world’s most popular research network saw its utilization rate explode. In the news we could read that Google provides the geolocation data of Internet users:

“We have raised with public health officials that the same type of aggregated and anonymized information that we use in products like Google Maps could be useful as they make critical decisions to fight COVID. -19. ”

This is to say how powerful the penetration rate of the Google search engine is in the context of the coronavirus. As an entrepreneur, it may have come time to use this powerful lever to set up optimized campaigns. Take advantage of the crisis to appear favorably in the search results of Internet users confined to their homes. Deliver your products to their homes and take advantage of this crisis to increase your turnover.

Produce content
While consumers around the world often find themselves stranded in their homes, the demand for content has never been greater. Since your customers are now all on the internet, offering interesting and relevant content for your activities and their issues becomes essential.

Creating content with the goal of attracting your customers to your pages is an integral part of inbound marketing.

If you have an in-house writer who can boost the content on your blog or website, it’s time to challenge him to increase your online presence. Well optimized content published on a regular basis will necessarily make you take a gap.

Mailing Campaign

Setting up a mailing campaign with your base can be an attractive option as your customers are at home and available. Building a mailing campaign cannot be improvised and you will have to take into account a certain number of constraints linked to the coronavirus. Today, for example, it is impossible to invite your former customers to buy in your stores since they are closed. Be smart and offer free delivery or even video conference consultations.

Positive marketing
You only have to turn on the television to realize how heavy and negative the atmosphere is. One of the techniques that works well at the moment is to positively and provide a dynamic image around your brand by reminding you of your purpose, vision, mission and values ​​that will make prospects want to convert by becoming customers.

By spreading positive content, it will be refreshing for people to remember a normal life and look forward to the end of quarantine. Poll your teams to find out their favorite Netflix series, share your tips for maintaining office plants while everyone is away, or post funny photos from your video conferences. What do your employees do in their free time? In short, keep in touch!

Quarantine Won’t Last Forever

In confinement since March for France, the important thing to take into account is that the quarantine will not last forever. Without playing guesswork, it is a bit of a given that the world is about to come out of quarantine this year.

In situations like this, we are all reminded that the stakes in marketing are immense. Thanks to digital, you don’t need physical interactions with your potential customers and you can reach them without them having to leave their homes.

By exploiting these levers, you will therefore have the chance to continue the activities of your company without putting your employees on technical layoff.

We encourage you to prepare for this transition in a thoughtful and proactive manner by anticipating the recovery and preparing for promotional operations. Better preparation and the right actions will get you through this crisis when other companies may have to go out of business.

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