Google announced a two-part summer update last month. Google’s first core update for 2021, called the “June 2021 Core Update” is on its way, but since their developers couldn’t handle everything in one go, this “main” update will be released in two parts. The June 2021 rollout began on June 2, while the second part of the update is slated for July 2021. As always, Google Core updates to the world’s largest engine ranking algorithm. search in the world apply to all markets and all search indexes.

Google briefly explained the process on its “Google SearchLink” Twitter feed and explained that their developers are currently working on the remaining changes that are not yet complete, but are expected to go into effect in the July main update.

These kind of Google Core updates don’t target specific sites or content types, they only make changes to the main search engine ranking algorithm.

Danny Sullivan Explains Google’s Algorithm Update Process

Along with the Twitter announcement, Danny Sullivan, Google’s Public Liaison Search Department Manager, posted an article on his company blog explaining the update process. There is nothing new for SEO specialists and experts, but we still notice that Google is adopting a much more transparent attitude with a public treatment of certain updates, and in particular this Google Core Update announcement which is announced. and explained in advance. For example, the latest Google Core Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List update was like a little bomb when it was deployed in December 2020, as were other updates on certain topics, such as the “page experience update ”, announced in November 2020.

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Danny Sullivan explains that “Google search is updated thousands of times a year to improve the experience and quality of search results. In order to achieve better results, Google has reduced the number of irrelevant results appearing on search results pages by more than 40% over the past five years and has been able to continue to increase traffic volumes. sends to websites every year since its inception.

Sullivan points out that their major updates, such as Google Mobile First Indexing or the Product Reviews Update, greatly improve Google search. However, Google Core type updates involve vast improvements to Google search, as he puts it: “We want site owners to understand that these changes correspond to Google’s desire to improve the system of its algorithm. to better assess the overall content and better meet user expectations. We also want to remind them that these updates are not made to act on any specific type of site, but rather to improve search as a whole.

Google Core 2021 update impact and analysis

– Why now ?
The American search engine has not yet explained to us why two updates are necessary for this Google Core update (June and July 2021). Why couldn’t they wait another month to do it all at once? Should the operators of certain websites who have already noticed changes in the SERPs wait impatiently for the next step or will they be disappointed during the second phase in July? We have to wait to see if the second update will have major consequences.

– Websites that lose their ranking despite strong content
The losers of the Google Core update rolled out in June 2021 are mostly sites with fairly thin content or that focus on what Google calls “YMYL” (Your Money or Your Life), that is to say websites that offer advice on sensitive topics related to finance, law, buying recommendations, education and health. YMYL websites and those with limited content have generally been negatively impacted by this update.

– Losers who become winners
We note that the sites whose SEO was boosted by the Google Core update in June are mostly older websites, large in size, and which have been losing visibility for many years. Because many sites have lost big, for example during the main update of November 2019. So it seems that Google has removed or mitigated factors included in the previous updates, in particular this update of November 2019, and that’s why some older pages got a boost.

Was Google wrong?

Many SEO experts suspect that the effects of the June update will not be permanent. It is likely that Google made a mistake and the search engine reversed the changes in July.

Google Core Updates: What Webmasters and SEO Experts Can Do to Optimize Their Website
In August 2019, Google published an article on its Google Search Central blog that further explained the algorithm changes behind major updates and detailed what webmasters and SEO experts could do if they were affected by a Google Core update.

Sites that notice drops or gains during an update have neither “violated Google’s webmaster guidelines nor been subject to manual or algorithmic action”. Instead, the changes are aimed at improving the way Google’s algorithm rates content as a whole. According to Google, these changes may cause some pages that were previously under-rewarded to do better – and vice versa, of course. Google suggests that its main update can be compared to establishing a list of the top 100 movies in 2015. A few years later, you refresh the list, and that list is bound to change, as new quality movies are released. gone out.

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