If you find developing your business online to be complicated, you will find what you are looking for using Taboola. However, you may need help with first use. Discover through this article the different stages of creation of campaigns on this platform.

Create your first campaign
To get started, you will need to create an account on the Taboola site. When you have entered all the information about your business, you are finally ready to set up your first campaign. You will be required to set up the tracking code, choosing the option to install Taboola Pixel. In case of difficulty, using Google Tag Manager may be of interest to help you.

Once you have an account, navigate to “Campaign Management” from the menu on the left of the page and click “New Campaign” to begin. First, give your campaign a name. Then insert your product or brand name in the “brand name” space if you want it to appear in your ad. Choose an objective for your campaign from the “Marketing Objective”. You will have the choice between:

You Can Choose Between the Publication Options Offered:

Day of the week
To then select the time slot according to your choice.

Note that it is also possible to choose the Chad Email List time zone for the time and the publication of your campaign. (located at the bottom of the page)

Chad Email List

Audience targeting Now you can apply targeting to your campaign. First, you can add rentals using country, region or zip code. Then you can choose on what types of devices you want your ad to appear. You can also choose to include or exclude certain operating systems. For example, if you want to promote an app only for iOS then you can target only iPhone users.

You Will Then Have Access to More Specific Audience Criteria:

“Campaign Clickers” allows you to reach individuals who clicked ads from another campaign during a specific time range (maximum 45 days). “My audiences” allows you to achieve audience retargeting across all of your campaigns, configured by adding Taboola Pixel. Lookalike targeting is used to target potential customers. It is an audience that represents criteria similar to your target.

If you need more precise audience targeting, you can go to the “Marketplace Audience” section where you will find options such as: age, gender, type of interests, target audience. -market etc .. You will then be able to target a specific audience that is relevant to your niche. Finally, note that it is also possible to perform B2B (business to business) targeting.

Auction (CPC) and budget

Now you need to configure your bids for your campaign. You can choose the “Smart Bid” option which will automatically adjust your CPCs based on a determined objective (either conversions or views). Note that this requires that “Taboola pixel” works on your site and that you have configured conversion tracking to use the conversion option. If you’re optimizing for conversions, you can enter a CPA goal to help the system set the benchmark.

Then you can set a time limit, for an entire campaign duration or either for the month.

Taboola Offers 3 Delivery Rates for Your Campaign, Namely:

The balanced cadence will distribute the budget evenly during your campaign. The accelerated cadence will spend the total budget as quickly as possible, without being used regularly during the day or the month. Strict cadence will require you to set a daily budget limit. You have the option of letting the system evaluate and highlight the campaigns that have the most potential to meet your objective. You just have to go to the “Creative Traffic Allocation” section where you have the “optimize” option.

Finally, use the tracking code to add any URL parameters you want to the appendix of your ad. This will help ensure correct attribution on Google Analytics and other platforms used for lead tracking.

Creative announcement
You can now add the creative assets to your campaign. Enter the URLs of the pages you want to promote in your campaign and Taboola will automatically fill in the associated titles and images. You can customize each title and image by clicking on the “edit” icon. Be sure to use eye-catching images to stand out among all the articles offered to readers on the web. Remember that ads will usually appear in a native format that sits between blog or newspaper articles, also associated with other Taboola placements.

Conversion tracking

It is possible for you to establish conversion tracking. You just have to go to the “Conversion” section located in the Taboola Pixel category to set up a new conversion. Click on “New conversion” to proceed. Here you can choose between the option “URL” and the option “Event”. The URL option lets you know the number of clicks on a link. The Event option lets you know the number of people who trigger an event on your site (display of a particular page, purchases, etc.). You can associate a price unit, if the event is associated with a specific conversion.

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