A new badge that appears on Internet user comments was therefore recently launched by Facebook: the Facebook super fan badge. This badge is awarded to those who are the most active and engaged on Facebook pages, a diamond pictogram next to their name appears when they interact with content. You have to meet a number of conditions to be able to get it.

In this article, we’ll see how this Facebook super fan badge works, and how to activate it through the community tab of your page. In addition, we will detail the marketing importance of this super fan badge for your business.

Why Was the Super Fan Badge Launched by Facebook?

The Facebook community is growing a little more each day and it is important for the American company to be able to distinguish as well as possible the activity of each user. Web entrepreneurs can take full advantage of this billion Internet users for their business, especially thanks to Facebook Ads.

The Facebook super fan badge was therefore created with this in mind. Indeed, it allows you to easily identify who among the users are the most active. It is going to be interesting and even profitable for your business to stay Congo Email List connected with these super fans and to communicate effectively with them.


Indeed, this type of fans act as influencers towards Internet users and make it possible to generate more interactions on your publications and therefore more visibility for your products or services.

Your marketing messages can therefore be adapted accordingly and you can reward your super Facebook fans with special discounts on your products, gifts or even exclusive invitations to events. With a handful of top-tier super fans, brands can also gain access to a highly qualified subscriber base. They can thus to conduct focus groups or surveys in order to gather information for their editorial strategies or the development of their products.

The Advantage of The Badge for A Super Fan

While brands can take advantage of the super fan badge for their pages, the most loyal fans are not left out either. As a Facebook super fan, you get recognition on the world’s most visited social network. Big brand official pages regularly interact with you and even your favorite artists!

You too have heard! Fans and super fans are extremely happy knowing that their interactions with a Page don’t go unnoticed. Having that precious super fan badge can give you a better chance of being heard by brand managers. Businesses are always interested in reviews of their services or products from loyal and engaged fans.

How to Benefit from This Functionality on Your Page?

To take advantage of this functionality of the super fan badge on your Facebook page, here are some criteria required by the social network:

A page should have over 10,000 subscribers : if your subscribers are still below 10,000, then you should first promote your Facebook page, either organically or using paid Facebook advertising.
The age of your page must be more than one month (28 days of existence): even with more than 10,000 subscribers, if your page has even less than 28 days of seniority, you will not be able to ” activate the Facebook super fan badge. It is also rare for a page to reach more than 10,000 subscribers in 28 days.
Use a page as a video template: this is a template that is made available to page administrators to promote video content on the social network. Indeed, Facebook aims to compete with YouTube in the video market. To change your template, you need to go to Facebook settings and choose the video template for your page.

Do not benefit from a civic engagement badge: this feature is not available in France, but for your information the civic engagement badge was launched by Facebook in 2017 for politicians and their voters. This badge is intended to help elected officials to better connect with their voters, especially when they have more than 10,000 subscribers. To be eligible for the Facebook super fan badge, the voter badge must be deactivated.

For eligible pages with more than 10,000 subscribers, you must activate your Facebook super fan badge by going to your page settings and selecting the “Facebook Badges” section. Once activated, note that only fans who have accepted their Super Fan badge will appear in a list. This list can be viewed in the “community tab” in the left column of your page.

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