You are looking for the best keywords for your business and you are right! Keywords are indeed very important to ensure your presence on the internet and appear favorably against your competitors. So you are wondering how to find the best keywords, get those with good search volume to reach your targets effectively? In our article on keywords, you’ll find our top tips on how to use them. Without further ado, let’s start with a preamble.

Why Are Keywords Important?

The keywords correspond to the requests of Internet users. When a user wishes to access a page and therefore content, he types the words corresponding to his search intention. When it comes to SEO, it is therefore particularly useful to work on your Mongolia Email List keywords to match search intentions with the content and pages of your products or services.

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In the field of natural referencing, also called SEO, keywords play a particularly important role. The robots of an engine that scan the pages across the whole Web discover the contents thanks to the keywords present in the texts. Today, it is with this principle that content is indexed and offered to users in search results. Although keywords are not the only lever in SEO, their impact is so important that most SEO tools, whether paid or free, are based on this foundation. For example, Google operates its Google Ads advertising network only with auctions that are based on keywords.

Optimization for Engines

There are several ways to use keywords for SEO optimization, and long-tail keywords, for example, are widely used to capture more precise search intent. When we talk about long-tail keywords, we really mean sentences of three to five words. People who search using long-tail keywords usually have a pretty good idea of ​​what content they expect to find in search results.

Longer key phrases correspond to users who are therefore generally closer to the buying stage. Using long tail keywords allows you to stick to the search intentions of internet users. Thus, when you use them in your content, you give Google the opportunity to send qualified traffic to your pages. One of the very easy ways to find long tail keywords is to look at the footer of Google search results, by typing a query.

Content Strategy

Content strategy is the art of offering content to Internet users in line with their intentions. We are talking about content creation such as articles. To perform as part of your content strategy you will need to find relevant keywords.

5 steps to follow when setting up a content strategy
1- Look for keywords according to your industry

2- Create a content calendar based on the associated long tail keywords.

3 -Study your competition.

4- Find the keywords that have a high search volume

5 – Boost your ranking in the search engines.

Choosing the right keywords?

Find the right content marketing keywords. With the desire to provide more precise search results, Google has moved towards what is called semantic search. This corresponds to the ability to put research into a context in order to measure the intention and meaning desired by the Internet user.

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