Designers can showcase their  designs, from early South Korea Mobile Number sketches to optimized screenshots. But as a practitioner working with users, the work you do may be difficult for the average person to summarize. And the following will tell you – how to summarize and show your work experience, and use this to obtain higher-level professional skills and directions.

Know your audience

You need to think about which messages are South Korea Mobile Number most important to your audience. Like when you start a portfolio, start by understanding what your readers want to know. At this stage, it is important to remember the most critical information and not be distracted by details that are secondary to your audience’s needs.

I can sense that many practitioners involved in user research are under a lot of pressure. But you can think of it this way, if you are looking for a new job, think about what hiring managers want to learn from you most?

In fact, companies value practical experience and the ability to derive value from research, such as emphasizing the professional work you do and your contribution to the team. These are the relevant answers that hiring managers can expect from you as your audience.

Planning the project


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South Korea Mobile Number


One of the most common questions we hear is: How many items are included when presenting past experiences to employers? The answer is “it depends.” Based on past experience, state 3-5 items, and make sure these items are recent.

At this time, you are like a user who pays attention to your product. Everyone’s attention span on the Internet is very short. Therefore, you should learn to plan your project and try to impress people quickly. At the same time, you have to choose you Projects that you think are the most important or represent the type of work you want to work on in the future.

A common mistake is to include every project you’ve worked on in the past. This information is overwhelmingly torture to the person reading your material, and has the potential to push your important items down the page, so you’re likely to miss some key opportunities. You can try to prioritize your projects based on:

Impact: Showcase research that has had a measurable impact on the overall user experience, key business metrics, and the company’s long-term strategy.

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