Shopify It is now also possible for watch enthusiasts to try on models via AR. Self-proclaimed ‘futurist’ Bernard Marr takes a closer look at. The Rolex experience in a video, among others, by seeing how their visual tools fit his needs. Chrono24 is also busy developing, from which we can conclude that the need for visual search is certainly alive among marketers.

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Other industries Even if the focus is on experiencing instead of selling, this modern technology can offer a solution. Think of showing potential visitors around a tourist Tunisia Phone Number location, such as a tour through Amsterdam. Or training healthcare employees, because they can still learn to perform difficult actions carefully. They could even see inside the human body through a 3D application,

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Handy! enlarge your world If you want to take the first steps towards the metaverse, go through this list and start your digital reality today: Buy an Oculus 2 Headset , because without this smart headset you can’t make the connection with the virtual Sign up for Facebook Horizon – a platform where you can discover and create the virtual world Create an avatar through Oculus.

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