Already using Facebook to promote your business. So starting to use Facebook Business Manager to help manage your business is the right move. You must be wondering how to create a Business Manager account. So calm down, because we will discuss together how to create a Business Manager account on Facebook.

But before heading to account creation, we should first find out what Facebook Business Manager is.

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Facebook Business Manager is a feature of Facebook that helps you organize or manage your business. Like a human manager whose function is to Ecuador WhatsApp Number List organize a job to keep it organized. Thus, Facebook Business Manager also aims to manage the marketing efforts of your store in one place and share organized access to assets with all your team members, partner agencies or business vendors.

Functions of Facebook Business Manager:
Create and manage multiple assets, such as Facebook Pages, audience lists, or product catalogs in one place for your current business.
Controls user access and permissions, these permissions can be accessed if you have allowed people working to edit your ad accounts, Pages, related applications, and maintain ownership of all your business assets.
Tracking your ads, this can happen if you’ve advertised on Facebook before. More efficiently ads on these two platforms will be in the form of simple reviews and manage impressions in more detail both in the form of ad spend and impressions on your ads.
After knowing what Facebook Business Manager is, then we can go directly to how to create a Business Manager account

Start Creating a Ecuador WhatsApp Number Lit

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The first step is, you have to use your personal Facebook profile to confirm your identity, stay calm because, your co-workers and business partners will not have access to your personal information in your Business Manager account.

Go to then click the big blue Create Business Manager Manager welcome page button on the top right.

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