Although content marketing and inbound marketing are essential elements in lead generation for “Software as a service” companies, their growth does not depend solely on these two factors alone.

Another way to accelerate the growth of companies that build and market SaaS solutions and achieve better results is to create effective partner programs.

HubSpot, for example, which is one of the leading companies in SaaS software and solutions, has demonstrated the power of partnering strategies by building one of the most successful SaaS partner programs around. As early as 2010, the software company Saas decided to launch a program by bringing together partners, which immediately began to generate a substantial amount of monthly income.

In this article, we’ll try to understand the key mechanisms, goals, structures, and business issues that you need to consider when developing a SaaS partner program.

1- Why are SaaS partner programs so effective?

The SaaS industry faces a number of challenges:

The purchase of SaaS products often requires significant investments.
As SaaS investments typically affect multiple stakeholders, purchasing processes can be quite cumbersome.
Almost all software on the market has learning curves, which requires some degree of maintenance and updating to prevent it from becoming “shelfware” – that is, impossible Russia WhatsApp Number List software. for sale, unused or underused.

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Take the example of New Breed Revenue, an American company specializing in inbound marketing and software for B2B . As a Diamond -level HubSpot Partner , its sales teams can sell branded software, renew and maintain the HubSpot platform, all without ever needing to consult a HubSpot representative.

This type of contactless sales cycle that occurs outside of your internal resources can lower the cost of acquiring new customers and free up your internal sales team to pursue more complex and higher-value business opportunities. .

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Additionally, since New Breed Revenue has the ability to onboard HubSpot customers and provide them with all the much needed services themselves, the Hubspot partner business can ensure that customers use all capabilities and potential. maximum of the platform, and achieve the best possible return on investment.

Thus, a partner program can act not only as an additional sales channel, but also as a vehicle for customer success.

Partner programs can also play an important role in brand development. Often times, your partners will also be your customers, so building a strong partnership network will by necessity create an engaged and dedicated community around your brand, provided the partnership is mutually beneficial.

So, adopting a partnering strategy can generate more revenue for your SaaS business, but it’s important to remember that the program should benefit your partners as well.

By offering attractive incentives such as recurring revenue sharing, free product updates, and various rewards, your program will gradually grow. The more your partners are able to extract value from your product, the more your partner program will contribute to the overall growth of your business and increase its turnover.

2- Is a distribution partnership program right for your business?

Before going any further, you need to determine whether or not a Partner Selling program is right for your SaaS solutions business.

Here are the things you will need to consider:

1- What types of training and support does your product require?
The easier your software is to use, the easier it will be for your partners to sell it. However, this does not mean that products with a complex integration process cannot be successfully sold through a channel partner.

Ultimately, the success of your partner program depends on one critical question: whether you are providing the right training, resources, and support to your channel partners to sell the product to users.

2- Will you be able to effectively train your partners to sell your solution?
You need to have the infrastructure to train and support your channel partners.

Typically, companies appoint a manager for their partner program to ensure a more effective liaison with partner companies.

3- Is your product really ready to be marketed?
Before you can implement a successful partnership program, you must have software whose development has been focused on the concept of “MVP” (minimum viable product), and which meets the needs of your target market. You should be familiar with your ideal customer base and have a thorough understanding of the sales cycle.

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