In today’s corporate world, you are just as likely to work with someone in another part of the country (or part of the world) as you are with a colleague in an office next to yours. . This is why it is important to understand how remote meetings work, and especially how we can improve their conduct.

Online meetings can be part of a work team’s daily workflow, but making them to the max can be a real headache: What is the best virtual meeting tool to use? And how do you make sure you cover everything that needs to be covered before everyone hangs up or logs out? Running a virtual meeting sounds like a big question mark, but don’t worry. We’ll take a look at everything you need to know to run effective meetings, and provide some helpful tips for managing your communication with your teams across multiple locations.

Choose the right remote meeting tool for your team

There are a host of technologies and tools that can make the process of managing an online meeting easier, faster, and more Estonia Phone Numbers List collaborative. The key is to determine which of these tools is best for the people on your team.

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Before choosing your remote meeting tool, ask yourself the following questions:
What is the essential functionality that you need to make this remote meeting a success?
Do you need to be able to see everyone’s reactions when you share new ideas or strategies? In this case, try video conferencing software like Zoom or Cisco Webex Meetings.
Do you need all participants to be able to work on a shared document? Then you can use a tool like Google Docs.

Is it essential that all your employees can watch a presentation or a demo in real time? Screen sharing software will then be essential for your remote meeting.
How many people should be involved in your remote meeting?
The most effective tools for leading a one-on-one virtual chat are not necessarily the same as the most effective tools for organizing a meeting with 20 remote collaborators, spread across multiple time zones. Make sure the meeting software you choose can accommodate a large number of participants without a bug.

How can technology make online meetings more effective?

Technology for corporate communication can be used to streamline work processes and make information more accessible to teams and their members. It should also help participants stay focused on the essentials of the meeting.

So when you evaluate potential online meeting tools, see if they include any useful additional features, such as screen sharing and recording or debriefing capabilities that will allow you to share the entire meeting. meeting with participants afterwards, while preventing them from being distracted by taking notes while a participant is speaking at the meeting.

Lay the foundation for successful virtual meetings

When working with a team in an office there are plenty of opportunities throughout the day to chat and meet. These informal conversations and relationships help build rapport that extends into meetings, and often allows meeting participants to feel more engaged and perhaps more comfortable voicing their opinions or providing criticism.

In contrast, members of teams separated by distance do not necessarily have these opportunities, which is why leaders and managers must be proactive and try to recreate conditions conducive to sharing. If most of the team haven’t spoken or met yet, they’ll probably be hesitant to share or debate in a natural way. Therefore, before you consider making virtual meetings a regular part of your team workflow, it is important that all participants feel comfortable speaking.

To do this, create a shared online space, where your team members can get to know each other and connect outside of professional meetings.

This will allow your team members to get to know other team members, discover their expertise, and feel that they are an integral part of the company, despite their very remote geographical location.

This kind of virtual place can be a specific channel, like a “channel” in the collaborative communication platform Slack, or a set of shared daily or weekly routines, like daily video recordings on social networks or a virtual happy hour with Skype. once a week. This will go a long way in laying the foundation for successful online meetings.

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