The first stage in any sales funnel is awareness, and nothing promotes brand recognition like interaction. The more customers like, share, and comment on your social media posts, the more visible you become on. That platform. Beyond social algorithms and ranking, this is really just a digital version of good old fashioned. “word of mouth” marketing. Humanizing your brand: putting a face to a name always makes it more. Memorable. It’s true for people, so why not brands? Customer engagement humanizes you and your. Products. It makes you more likable and relatable to consumers. Built-in reputation management: before. Making a purchase.

Approximately 95% of All Internet Shoppers Read Customer Reviews.

If you’re using a social selling strategy that incorporates customer engagement, then you already have. Plenty of real-life users. Potential leads glean Spain Phone Number what they want to know from customer comments and shared. Posts. This promotes and maintains your brand’s reputation without any need for third-party representation. Learning to sell online: 10 tips for better social selling learning to sell online: 10 tips for better social. Selling1) show them who you are: of all the ways to reach out to consumers, video is the most effective. Live video feeds give customers the chance to feel important, hear and see you, and interact in real-time. Some live platforms, like facebook live video, allow you to see who’s logged in and for how long.

Viewers Can Like Share and Comment on Your Video

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And you can respond directly to them in real time. Videos are useful because they make the digital. Experience more human. It’s the closest many online shoppers get to walking into an e-commerce store and. Being greeted by a front desk agent.2) learn as you go: a huge mistake many marketers make is worrying. Too much about their inexperience and delaying the process. This is one area of sales where making. Mistakes can strengthen a campaign. To err is human, and companies which appear more human are. Appealing to the modern consumer. Just be sure that you handle mistakes with grace. Social selling is all. About the customer.

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