The profession of freelance graphic designer, also called web designer, has something to appeal to potential candidates in 2022, because demand for this profession is currently very strong. Companies indeed need more than ever experts for the redesign or the creation of their website, the creation of their logo or their graphic charter, or simply the retouching of visuals and images for their visual communication.

It is therefore a promising market, and it is estimated that of the more than 400,000 entrepreneurs who currently exercise this activity, about half are self-employed.

In the following article, we will see the main missions and tasks of a graphic designer, and the advantages of working as a freelance. Finally, we will present the main statuses that you can benefit from, as a freelance graphic designer, to build your business.

Before that, let’s start by detailing the profile and skills that are essential to become a good freelance graphic designer .

What profile and what skills to become a freelance graphic designer?

Anyone can become a freelance graphic designer, simply because the profession is not regulated. However, it is always preferable to have followed a related course, whether it is a BTS in graphic design, visual communication, a License or a Master in graphic design, Fine Arts, etc. In France, whether in Paris or in the provinces, there is a wide range of diplomas, at Bac, Bac + 2, Bac + 3 or higher level which can satisfy all student profiles.

A diploma always represents a pledge of seriousness in the eyes of your future clients. In any case, it is impossible to become an Iceland WhatsApp Number List graphic designer or web designer without a solid training, whether institutional or carried out in a self-taught way.

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Unlike many other professions, not having a degree is not an insurmountable factor in being successful as a graphic designer. As in many artistic professions, talent, hard work and experience can make up for it. And many renowned web designers have learned the trade on the job, guided by passion.

If you are creative, can draw, and have mastered the major CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) and DTP (Desktop Publishing) software, this is a good start.

But to be successful in freelance graphic design, you need qualities that go beyond artistic and technical skills. As the competition is very strong, responsiveness is extremely important in this environment. Most companies contact several professionals for a given project, and it is essential to respond as quickly as possible once you have an offer on the table.

What missions for a freelance graphic designer?

The profession of freelance graphic designer covers a large and varied number of missions, and this is in part what makes this profession so attractive.

For example, you may be asked to create a graphic charter for a company, a tool that will be used to define its visual identity, which must be easily recognizable by the public. Among the main elements that make up a graphic charter, we distinguish the logo, color palette, typography, icons and illustrations, etc.

Your clients may also ask you to work on various digital communication media, such as a website, blog, particular social network, etc. and you will have the task of making these attractive media to generate potential customers. It is also possible, depending on your experience and the range of your skills, for a company to contact you for advice in digital or communication strategy.

In terms of print, that is to say printed media, graphic designers make business cards, brochures, sales brochures, flyers, posters, catalogs, and many other things for companies, without forgetting the packaging.

What are the advantages of working as a freelance?

Freelance status offers several advantages, provided of course that you are able to work independently.

First, you can practice your profession from the place of your choice, at home, or in another place that suits you.

Then you will have the choice regarding your working hours. Get to work very early in the morning if you get up at dawn, or work until late at night if you are more productive at this time. The main thing is to respect the deadlines that have been agreed with your customers.

Another interesting aspect that distinguishes the freelance profile is the possibility of selecting the type of missions you prefer to do, on condition of course that you have proven yourself and have a good address book. This could be the production of website mockups, pure graphic design, the design of communication media such as posters, flyers, business cards, brochures, etc.

And finally, it is you who set the prices for your services, which will of course depend on several factors, such as your level of competence, your experience, your service record, and the prices applied by the competition. But what’s important to understand is that your salary will vary depending on your level of awareness, the results your clients have achieved through your work, and your talent.

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