Those of you who have an Instagram Business account are already aware that it is possible to have access to some informative statistics regarding your account and your posts. Indeed, measuring the performance of your favorite application is essential to know if, for example, your marketing strategy has worked well and if the objectives set beforehand have been achieved.

Thus, Instagram, like its competitor Facebook, has recently offered its users integrated analysis tools that will allow you to assess the success of your publications and to better understand the characteristics of your subscribers.

This is what we will see in detail in this article, starting with basic measurement instruments, the KPIs.

Learn to recognize the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are relevant
KPIs are the crucial indicators to look at first, because they can provide sound answers about your marketing strategy.

There Are Several Types of Kp Is:

KPIs that relate to individual posts and stories, such as notions of impressions, reach, and engagement.
KPIs related to your Instagram account, which provide indications on the growth of your channel, i.e. the increase or decrease in the Fiji Email List of subscribers, but also on the use of hashtags. Whenever a hashtag tag is created, it’s a good idea to track its progress.

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KPIs related to ads (advertising) that you use to monitor click-through rates and conversions. Instagram paid ads allow you to place ads, and it’s obviously interesting to know how many people clicked on an offer and how many visits resulted in a purchase.

Instagram Statistics, the flagship tool of the Business account
As we said, if you have an Instagram Business account , you can automatically benefit from built-in statistics in order to better know your followers as well as all the users who take any action on your posts and stories.

It is therefore possible to access demographic category data which provides information on the sex, age or even the domicile of users. In addition, the data offered by the statistical measurement instrument allows you to see if your advertising campaigns or your publications are doing well, for example by reporting the number of interactions with a particular video or photo.

Access Your Instagram Account Statistics

While browsing your Instagram Business application, locate the icon symbolized by a diagram and click on it to open the Instagram analyzes page. You can then have a global view that provides information on the activity of your account over a period of 7 days. See which posts and videos are most liked, collect information about your followers, in addition to the usual data of profile views, impressions, and reach.

These statistics are delivered from the first clicks or likes, but for your analysis to be relevant, you will rather have to scrutinize the trends on a few hundred interactions, at least.

After each publication, you are free to consult your statistics. Just click on the “View Stats” tab, visible just below your photos and videos. Apart from the information provided on the number of interactions, impressions and reach, it is possible to compare the numbers of an original post against one which received an advertisement, for example.

Use Instagram Stats Wisely

As a reminder, at Instagram, “impressions” are the number of times your publication has been seen by Instagramers. This includes users who have viewed your photo or video in their own News Feed, but also on other accounts.

Reach, on the other hand, refers to the amount of person accounts that have seen your post. So, it’s crucial to understand the difference between reach and impression: reach is the number of people, while impression is the number of times a post has been viewed, and a single individual can click on your photo multiple times. , which multiplies the number of impressions by as many times.

‘Engagement’ in the Instagram app is the number of likes / comments your post generates.

Finally, the notion of “clicks on the website” gives you the number of users who arrived on your website from Instagram, because the application indeed allows you to insert a link inside your biography.

Statistics on Your Subscribers

In addition to posting information, Instagram gives you the ability to access data about your followers and their activity. Obviously, you can know the number of your followers, but that’s not all, because Instagram statistics also allow you to know if your followers are male or female, how old they are, and accordingly to adapt your Marketing strategy.

Thanks to the statistics, it will also be easy for you to know when your followers connect to Instagram, and to be informed of the time they spend on average on the application. So, you can try to optimize and plan as best as possible the frequency and period of publication of your photo and video content. It is indeed much more interesting to post at the exact moment when your target audience is riveted on the famous application which mixes social networking and photo sharing.

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