If your business has a web presence, knowing how the pop-up system works in order to get the most out of it is essential. It is certain that it is rather the intrusive side of this feature for advertising targeting purposes that is the most famous on the internet, but the image that we keep depends greatly on how it appears and what it is. it offers. So while you usually get a bad image of these pop-ups, a quality pop-up is bound to leave a good impression on you. The content of this article will help you to know how to achieve this goal. Pop up

What Is a Pop-Up Window?

Intruder window or pop-up window? These are also the other names of the pop-up. While browsing the internet, we have all been confronted with this little unsolicited window that suddenly appears in the browser and interrupts us. This generally includes an advertising South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Email List message or marketing type messages inviting us to perform a given action.

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What is a pop-up window?

It can be an invitation to give your email address in order to subscribe to a newsletter or an emailing list or a proposal to buy a product at an attractive discount. It can also be used to convey security messages or to allow the playback of certain video files without interrupting the browsing of an Internet user, but in most cases, its use will be for advertising purposes. It is therefore a web marketing technique used to send a message to the Internet prospect, without necessarily expecting it.

How the Pop-Up Works

Basically, there are two modes of operation of the pop-up. The first, and arguably the best known, is the unsolicited window intruder. Here, it opens automatically without the user having to click on anything. She is often seen as aggressive and embarrassing in many cases. This is why many browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or even Firefox offer to block them, which reserves fairly extensive browsing options for the Internet user.

Next to it, there is the requested pop-up which is triggered by a voluntary action by the visitor to a site. This can be done by clicking on a link or button. This type of window is more easily tolerated and it can sometimes open in a new window. This is the case when you do a search on a flight comparator for example, your main window will display the search, but other windows will open in the background with promotional offers related to your initial search.

There is also the pop-up window that will appear to allow the user to continue browsing the web page more fluidly. This is for example the case on social networks, when the Internet user clicks on a video, a floating pop-up containing the video will open and allow him to continue browsing a news feed while viewing it. viewing.

It can be a question of Flash, Flux Riche Media, DHTML, etc., which will make it possible to differentiate between the pop-up and other intrusive windows such as pop rolls, pop-up sliders, pop unders or even pop over.

What Are the Advantages ?

Despite the bad publicity it receives, the pop-up is the basis of many breakthroughs in digital marketing. Indeed, when it is well carried out, whether it is solicited or not, it makes it possible to increase the number of conversions. According to SEO statistics, it is responsible for more than 50% of conversions on e-commerce websites.

In addition, the pop-up also plays the role of Adware or Spyware, insofar as it can be used in an advertising context or to collect information on the behavior of Internet users. This will therefore serve to establish buyer profiles that are much closer to reality. But to achieve its goal, the pop-up must be designed taking certain rules into account.

What you have to understand about the use of the pop-up today is that you have to make sure that it fits into a whole so as not to take your prospect out of the universe of the page in which it is located.

In other words, it must be both clear, appropriate and precise in terms of targeting. So the pop-up must provide an answer to a specific problem and ideally, it must harmonize with what you are talking about or what the prospect is looking for on the page visited. This is equivalent to generating one pop-up per page, but it is quite risky, so to reduce it, consider giving pop-ups only your most visited pages.

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