Earn money just by watching videos. Can it? Of course, I can! Recently, internet users are happening with the Snack Video application. This app has a look that looks a bit like TikTok. But this application has its own charm, namely with a coin system that users can exchange for cash. With this tantalizing claim, of course, it will increase the interest of its users to use the Snack Video application.

For Snack Video users, you may be familiar with the banned or blocked system in Snack Video. Of course in the application there are terms and conditions that must be obeyed by each user. Snack Video is no exception. User non-compliance with regulations will result in the user’s account being subject to consequences or penalties. The consequences can be in the form of account blocking, account suspension, or an inoperable coin system.

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How to make your Snack Video account unblocked Try to login 1 account in 1 mobile device Not logging in 1 account for many mobile devices Avoid not using cloning Benin WhatsApp Number List applications or software that can duplicate applications. Do not turn on the VPN while using or opening the Snack Video application because it will be detected by the Snack Video system. That way we also have to know how to prevent the snack video account from being blocked. How to? Check out the article below to the end!

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Do not use or install the auto click or scroll application on the cellphone when using Snack Video
Try to use the correct and appropriate identity to register the Snack Video application
Make sure you are over 18 years old when registering an account in the Snack Video application
Immediately enter the invitation code after creating an account and not later than 7 days after account creation

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