A European survey shows that by 2020 25.5% of Europeans will place an order at a web store from another country. Still, many consumers are afraid that they will not receive the product when purchasing a foreign product. Or that they can’t return it easily. Not only do European online stores have competition from other European online stores, but also from online stores from North America. It turns out that as soon as these webshops want to grow, they are the first to enter Europe.

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Concerns about the security of payment methods Most cross-border commerce purchases are made in the smaller countries such as Cyprus and Malta. Nearly every country states that when they don’t make purchases online, they do so because of loyalty Bahrain Phone Number to a brick and mortar store. Or that they want to see the products in real life. Of course there are also countries in Europe where there is no good IT infrastructure.

Soon you will no longer

People can’t make online purchases anyway. In addition, many shoppers are concerned about the security of payment methods. They cannot find sufficient information about warranty and the handling of complaints. Consumers also encounter fraud or receive defective products. This raises the following questions: In which countries is there still growth potential?

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