A common question when thinking about working in this role. performing all or at least some of the activities that we have seen here. is: how much does a Social Media earn ? According to data from Glassdoor . in Brazil (data updated as of June 2022) the average salary of a Social Media is just over R$2.000.

Social Media Salary, From the graph it is possible Finland Phone Number  to see that most professionals receive this average value. but there are people with higher salaries in this function.

It is worth remembering that a natural move for those who work in this area is to assume more important positions in companies and Digital Marketing Agencies over time.

How to become a Social Media?

It should have already become clear to you that to pursue a career working directly with social media management. you need a series of skills. whether to create visual content or convert as many followers as possible into loyal customers.

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Many marketing professionals also start in generalist positions and nowadays decide to switch to social media as a way to explore their capabilities . Some even specialize in a specific platform. which can be an effective strategy particularly for pursuing a career as a freelancer.

If you have no experience and are starting from scratch. you will likely have to start in a more basic marketing role. If you’re thinking about specializing. we’ve now listed 3 essential steps to becoming a Social Media .

Learn Social Media Marketing Skills

Do you want to get a job in the field? So you must hone certain skills when starting your quest. They include basic elements about the different most used social networks and also more advanced aspects that can be explored in any Marketing team.

On the simpler side. it will be crucial to know Facebook. Twitter. and Instagram well. but businesses can also heavily use WhatsApp. Pinterest. Tiktok. LinkedIn. and others. depending on their audience. You’ll want to know which posts do well on each platform. as well as the audience differences for each and how to capitalize on trends.

Now. when we talk about advanced techniques. they include:

YouTube video optimization with descriptions. tags. titles and hashtags;
Creating custom profiles;
Knowledge about the use of hashtags on all networks;
Knowledge of Lives and Lead capture forms.
Learning to use Marketing analysis tools. which show the efficiency of this channel and are used to track performance – such as RD Station Marketing – is also essential.

In this case. you can access the courses available at RD University . the RD Station course platform:

Introduction to RD Station Marketing Light : through practical video classes. this course will show you how to use RD Station Marketing Light. the simplest version of the software that is all in one for your Digital Marketing actions;
RD Station Marketing – Basic : Learn how to use RD Station’s complete marketing automation tool.
Establish your presence on social media

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